Calling all Ontarians! Are y'all up for a tea meet up??

So I’ve met a bunch of people from this lovely site… the latest of which (with Tina S!) got us thinking that we should all meet up somewhere, at one time! Possibly even regularly.
Is anyone interested?? There are plenty of tea houses across Toronto, or we could go to a restaurant (which defeats the purpose of tea but it would allow us to sit for awhile)
If I had my own place I would host. Maybe next year :)
Anyhow, show of hands… I know your out there!!!!

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Raritea said

Hi Indigobloom! I would be interested for sure! Keep me on the list- I’ll do what I can to meet up!

yay!! Nice to “meet” you Rarity :)
—and hopefully in person one day soon!

Raritea said

It would be absolutely lovely! All my friends are only semi-interested in tea at best, so it would be a real treat to meet up with some hardcore ‘Steepterians’.

mine to! they kinda humour me once in awhile…
Finding this site was such a blessing for me. I was going nuts with nobody to “chat tea” with!

lcg842 said


Rarity, I like your reference to hard core ‘Steepsterians.’ :)

Indigobloom, I am in MA, but I’d love to “chat tea” with you! :)

Icg842- yay another tea pal! :P
Too bad you don’t live closer…

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Definitely interested! I think there are so many places we could try out as a group.

I agree!!! I can think of a bunch off the top of my head. This is so exciting! :P

One on the list has got to be t-buds (Yonge + Lawrence area). They have lots of space, lots of yummy food, and you can book sessions to do tea blending! Something I think we would probably all enjoy.

cool! I’ve heard of that place, and always wanted to go!!! :)
okay so what dates is everyone free between Feb 17-26th?

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Tina S. said

You know I’m in :D

but of course!! :P

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I’m jealous!!!

You’ll be there in spirit. I’ll have a cup for you! :)

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Dorothy said

I’d love to do something like this, but I need to know when & where because I have to take a bus into Toronto.

oh. Whereabouts are do you live??

Dorothy said

I’m in Peterborough (you might have to g-map that)

I didn’t know you were in Peterborough! I know Peterborough (fairly) well.

Dorothy said

Yeah it is a nice little town, and every now and then I go into Toronto to see family. So a tea-crawl sounds good to me :)

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Oh! I know where that is, my Aunt has a cottage in Barry’s Bay!! :P

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I may be interested depending on my schedule =) I’m not too far from Toronto on weekends (Caledon)

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Erin said

I would totally be up for it. I’m gonna be gone around the 19th-25th (U of T reading week) though!

Sweet!! Feb 20th fits right in there :P

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A Bramptonian – I would be up for it! New to tea – would love to discuss with those “in the know”.

hehe yes me to!! I hope you can make it. Feb 20th, family day… at 2pm!

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ok so how does Feb 26th work for everyone? Just throwing a date out there, it seems apropos since most people seem ok with a Sunday!

mrs tea said

Dude, that’s Oscar Sunday. Otherwise I’d be in. Depends on the time I guess. I live in Guelph.

oh right! good point!!
I’m not much of an Oscar girl and I think the shops close relatively early… but I can see how it might be a concern to get home early for the pre-show!

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