Going Out to Eat

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Babble said

When going out I usually DO bring my own teabags and I just ask for a mug of hot water. I were no difference between this and asking for an ice water (which I also usually get). The exception to this is if I know the restaurant has a good selection of tea.

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Lynxiebrat said

I’ve done this in the past, though usually to coffee houses when I have a feeling that I want tea, and I don’t like the selection. I usually will buy a snack along with asking for a cup of hot water, so I am giving them some business. I’ve thought about starting it again, though for the most part will stick to the bagged tea that I still like because that is the most convenient, and would probably include 1-2 bags of each type I got, and put it in maybe a small travel bag in my purse, along with a metal stirrer, packages of sweetener. although I guess I could prepare a T-sac of a particular tea and bring it with me, but that doesn’t really appeal to me. A fair amount of Happy Tea Time is figuring out what am I in the mood to drink.

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