What's a pirate's favorite kind of tea?

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You know what they say… once you go black you never go back. ;)

(Slightly out of context, but still entertaining!)

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What did the cat say when I offered her some tea?
Pu-errrrrrrrrrh ;)

Why did the cup feel naked?
Because it didn’t have it’s Big Red Robe!

Hehe this is fun. I’ll post more later if I can think of any :P

I like the naked cup joke! That made me laugh! : )

hehe thanks SimpliciTea! I’ve had that one in my pocket for awhile… but no venue in which to air it! I’m glad this thread was started!!

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Angrboda said

What’s the best birthday bash for a tea drinker?

A slurp-rise party. :p

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gmathis said

Hear about the new chain of tea shops opening in Peru—Matcha Picchu?

Bwahaha! I love this one. I have an aunt who will love it, too.

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I just got a list of great jokes from a friend. Have to share!

What do you call a person who only drinks tea? A tea-totaller
What is it called when you remove the packaging around a tea bag? A strip teas(e)
What do you call the decent tea tucked in your bag? A necessitea
What do you call it when you’re running low on tea? Scarcitea
How did the shy tea drinker describe the sky on a cloudy day? Er, all grey?
What do you call a short jogger? Runtea
How do you describe a foggy day? Mistea

A list of tea drinker’s favorites:

Article of clothing: T(ea) shirt
National Park: Grand Tea-tons
Car: Model T(ea) Ford
Food: T(ea)-bone steak
Dinosaur: T(ea) Rex
Arachnid: Tearantula
Playground equipment: Tea-ter totter
Social engagement: parTea
Childhood sport: T(ea)-ball
Type of terrain: steep
Type of day: misTea
Relative: AunTea

Funny! Thanks! I think I like the Earl Grey one the best.

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kOmpir said

This reminds me of King Kai’s puns in Dragon Ball Z _

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