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Looking for caffeine-free alternatives

And yes, I know all about Herbal teas and Rooibos, etc, etc, etc. I’m looking for suggestions for a REALLY GOOD, rich, satisfying, alternative to black tea and (gulp) coffee. Are we allowed to use the “c” word on here?? I have found a few Rooibos teas that I like, particularly the greens. I’m nursing so am trying to keep my caffeine intake to once/day but still crave the richness from blacks. I’d especially like suggestions for teas that make a good Tea Latte , my new favourite thing.

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I highly reccomend Vanilla Comoro by Harney and Sons.
It’s the BEST decaf black tea I have ever had, makes a delicious and creamy tea latte, and is totally packed with rich flavour.

It’s always my number one pick when I want a caffiene-free black. Check out the reviews on Steepster if you’re interested! If you weren’t looking for just a decaf-black I apologise! I’ll keep wracking my brain for ya.

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I tried a chicory herbal the other day and it has a richness that is reminiscent of coffee or a very dark tea…certainly nothing like your average fruity herbal.

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I’ve been known to throw a few spices together and simmer it for a bit before adding milk and sugar. It’s like chai but without tea. I like mine mostly cinnamon and ginger. :) I think that honeybush also goes well with milk and tastes better than rooibos to me.

People have been known to replace coffee with barley tea, but I’m not sure how it works with milk. I hear chicory is also used but I’m not a fan of it myself. And if you’re feeling up to it, dried and ground dandelion root harvested in the fall is supposed to work as well. I totally want to try this next fall. :D

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