Stash/Cupboard Pictures

I hope I’m not breaking any Steepster rules on here by starting this thread, but I just rearranged my stash this morning and need to show people who will appreciate it! All my other friends just think I’m crazy! So I thought it would be fun to share pictures of our tea stashes!

Here is my “at home” stash (at work is most of my tea bags! This is mostly loose leaf!)

How about you guys???

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I have two tea stashes, one at my apartment, which is my main stash, and then one at my parents place so I can have some decent tea to drink there. The picture is my main tea stash at my apartment and right now it looks slightly different since I just got in a shipment from H&S. So, now the second shelf is completely filled with H&S tea. The bottom shelf, mostly Teavana stuff, my fiance made for me for Christmas to help sort all of my tea since it was (and still is) taking over the shelves! And yes, that is a Lego timer on the shelf, it is awesome!

I love the shelf dividers!

I like how the fire extinguisher is right next to the tea…….just in case! lol

The dividers are awesome, especially in helping keep everything a little more organized looking and fits the small Teavana tins and H&S tins perfectly.
There fire extinguisher was already mounted there by the shelves when we moved in, although it is a funny coincidence that I put my tea there, must save the tea!

Jaz said

Is that a lego head timer!?

Yes, yes it is!

Jaz said

That’s amazing!! Where did you find it?

I received it a few years ago as a gift, I love it and use it just about everyday. I’ll have to ask her where she got it from then for you.

She said she bought it off the Lego website, unfortunately I could not find it. They may not make them anymore. You may be able to find one one ebay or craigslist. But if it helps you any, they do have an ice cube tray!

Jaz said

Thanks for asking, I never thought of ebay! Its still super cool anyways.

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Teaotic said

Here is one of the most impressive tea lairs I’ve seen:

WOW! Envious as hell, and that’s just cups and pots innit? Wonder what the actual tea stash looks like…

And how much that must have cost! It’s like, a lifetime collection there.

Is that someone’s HOUSE or a store?! I only have room for one cupboard in this shack of a house in which I live haha

That is quite impressive, although the top photo does look like it’s from a store, but the second photo I wouldn’t mind having that collection of tea and teaware, although I think I would need a bigger place and a basement!

Teaotic said

No, not a store, it is someone’s private collection, and only about half of it I gather. Belongs to Chip, the moderator on, one of my original online Tea mentors from when I myself was a relative Tea n00b a few years back!

He is a very cool guy and a keynote speaker on Japanese Tea at this year’s Tea Expo! Amazing collection of teaware indeed.

SO beautiful! (and Oh no…. another tea site! :)

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K S said

@MadelineAlyce, I just came from church and I know envy is wrong, so let’s just say I am green with impressed!

Too bad my boyfriend doesn’t share your appreciation! He tends to think I’m………. overenthusiastic… haha

But when he asked me, “how many times are you going to rearrange your tea?” I had to remind him that he was the one with all his fishing boxes spread out in the living room the other day arranging his lures…. ;)

MadelineAlyce: How funny!

If I ever a post pic of mine, well, let’s just say your boyfriend may say I’m over over enthusiastic!

I don’t know how many times I have rearranged my tea shelf (yes, just one shelf within our cabinet); and how many teas have been in numerous different containers before I finally found the one that i felt was best suited for it!

Thank you for sharing a picture of your tea cabinet with us, and for starting such a great thread!

Holy crap!! This makes my tea cupboard at home look like a trash bin. *shamed face

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Nice! I feel less crazy regarding mine. :P Rum cream sounds good!

I got it as a swap that Tommy the Toad didn’t like and I think it’s amazing! The Tea Table!

Blinking at the website here. Less than 2 dollars an ounce for Rum Cream? Is that price correct? Seems startlingly cheap to me, as most of the teas I own cost me $4-10 an ounce.

Hmm, might have to do it! (Love that the customer review on the site says, “Only get this tea if you love coconut.” Well, that’s a recommendation if I ever heard one.)

I love the The Tea Table they have good teas at good prices.

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Jason admin said

If you want, feel free to upload to our Steepster flickr account to host images

Very cool Jason. Thanks!

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Will said

Great collection of teawares!

It looks like the third pic is some climate controlled cabinet (“060”)? I have yet to even consider getting into pu-erh, but I have heard of how they can be packaged together as tongs; it’s very cool to see an image of one outside of a book!

Those are gorgeous! What I really need is a hutch so I can use the china cabinet top half for my teaware and the entire cupboard on the bottom half for my tea!

I am very jealous of that third picture (and the first and second, for that matter!).

Will said

Yeah – it’s a cigar humidor (no cedar shelves, of course) made by Aristocrat Humidors (

I think ‘60’ is actually the temperature not the humidity, but it’s just humidity controlled. I don’t love the idea of adding humidity, but I live in Southern California where it’s fairly dry a lot of the time. I usually keep it between 65 and 75% relative humidity.

It does take some maintenance / hassle to keep the humidifiers from growing mold etc, and I do try to get some outside air flow in there pretty regularly.

Geoffrey said

Digging the pu’er cabinet you got there. I’ll have to do something like that one of these days.

And holy cow… you know what they say: If you don’t or can’t use all of your paraphernalia, it’s getting out of hand. <(o _ o<) Not that I should talk.

Nice collection.

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Can you imagine this passion applied to any other drink? This is my cup to drink Sprite, but this is my cup to drink Pepsi…..

K S said

We are a peculiar lot.

Teaotic said

Well, maybe wine, scotch, or beer!

But as everyone knows, tea is superior to those 3 ;)

VeryPisces said

I used to be a Pepsi addict and I was very particular about how to pour it and what to pour it into!

i am reading this thread through from the beginning and this made me laugh out loud.

Right there with you Teavangelical! And I agree with you too, Joelbny!

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Yeah…Walmart $9.99.

What a great idea for all those loose odds and ends! I am using some sort of silverware sorter, I think, for my tea bags… I got it at the container store, whatever it is!!!

brandy3392 said

Do you know what the dimensions of the jars are?

Sadly I don’t know the dimensions, if there is a Walmart in your area they have them there.

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Uniquity said

These pictures are beautiful….Puts my stashes to shame. Fabulous, everyone!

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momo said

Here’s part of mine. I’m trying to figure out where to put the rest right now.[email protected]/

(this thread actually got me to go try to make more things fit in the cabinet so that I don’t have tea everywhere! yay!)

Mmmmm look at all those 52 teas!!! Lucky!

david said

Very nice.

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