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forsythia said

Oh my. I think I’m out of my league on this forum. My stash is is far from grand. Insert embarrassed emoticon here.

Thanks for sharing a picture of your cupboard with us! The way I see it, all are welcome, and no need to be embarrassed. It looks like you have some nice tins; I really like the H&S one shown; I don’t have one of those! : )

Erin said

Hey we have to start somewhere! :)

Plunkybug said

Mine’s much smaller by comparison (I posted just a bit ago). I don’t have a lot of space.

Don’t worry about it. I only have four 1oz tins of good tea.

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forsythia said

Hello, and thank you for the welcome and kind words about my tea cubby. Kat – I believe you may be seeing my Yorkshire Tea caddy with scenes of the Yorkshire Dales, not a bunny. Altho, in the photo it DOES look like a bunny instead of a rock formation(?). I coveted this tea caddy on the Yorkshire Tea website but unfortunately they do not ship this particular item to the USA; so I asked a fellow who is a regular on a Roman History forum I frequent and who is a UK resident if he might send for it for me and I would pay shipping,ect. He said he didn’t need to order it, he’d “just walk down to his local grocery”. Which he did. The tin cost $3.56 US but cost $13.56 to ship! He wanted to know if I still wished to proceed – why, of course! I had to have this tea caddy as I’ve enjoyed drinking Yorkshire tea for some years now. It arrived the day before Christmas, I was delighted and am forever thankful. Hope you don’t mind some more pics.

Oh that is a beautiful tin!

totally WANT ! 0_0

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I just uploaded photos from to the group Flickr page, my hutch is temporarily placing host to my Celtic dishes so all my decorative tins as stored neatly underneath (I’m glad I kept all my gift boxes. The photos are all taken before my introduction to Steepster and thus before my ordering of lots of samples. Some have found their way into small tins, others in the hutch drawer, some are in the cupboard for the glasses above the eltric kettle and the least desirable (like free wild orange blossom) are in our pantry with a couple boxes of bagged tea. But here is the link to the pic of my hutch, seen in my icon, you can browse from there:[email protected]/6930252043

Very, very nicely arranged. Teavana does have some nice tins. And the pots and cups (and the hutch itself) are beautiful, too!

I looked at your other pictures on Flickr, too. Elegant, colorful, stylish, Beautiful!

I love those cranes (?) on the cups.

Nice setup! Teavanas washi tins are very nice, I have 3 of them myself. I would own more but they are just so expensive. I do plan on buying one more that I really like if I ever see it again. I find their pots and sets quite lovely too, but again, they are just too expensive for me.

Thank you both. I am a sucker for cranes and blossoms. Employee discount is generous, though a lot of that including the bone china set was on sale 50-75% off.

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Plunkybug said

Here’s mine. It’s pretty small by comparison.

Nearly all from DAVIDsTEA. The tin of chamomile is from my mom, I have a few Harney and Sons samples from a friend, and in my washi tin is the Bai MuDan (white peony) tea I got to sample for review from Angel of Teavivre in China. I have an extra bag of Buttercream stashed in the cupboard, along with my Teavivre bag of Dragon Pearls Jasmine green since the Teavivre bags won’t fit in the space above my sink.

That washi tin certainly is beautiful!

Plunkybug said

Thanks! It’s from Teavana in Atlanta. I picked it (and the bamboo spoon) up on my cross country move from Orlando, FL to Victoria, BC in 2007. Filled it with genmaicha. :)

There are a few more pics of it in my Camera + album on FB:

I was using my tea and tin to try own the app and play with the filters.

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can’t believe i missed this thread. This was a shot from my fridge a month or two back, thankfully a bit more rational now…

Kittenna said

Neat! Perhaps this is a silly question, but why is it all stored in the fridge? Just to prolong shelf life?

I have the same question as Krystaleyn.

minirivertea: Thanks for the picture (and the added captions). I don’t see that as anywhere close to irrational (as you implied). Now my tea stash on the other hand …

Ah, the benefits of living in China, and having a neighbor say, “Here, why don’t you have some tea fresh from our farm!” Sorta like getting tomatoes, but not quite, eh? : p

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Azzrian said

I have throughly enjoyed viewing all your stashes! I will post a pic as soon as I organize mine AGAIN.

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VeryPisces said

I’m too embarrassed to post my tea stash photo. I am “between homes” so I bought one of those over-the-door shoe holders – you know, the things with pockets for about 12 pairs of shoes. I have a tea tin in each pocket, and they are labeled and organized by type. I look forward to buying a nice bookcase that I will use for my teas once I get settled.

Azzrian said

Actually – that is a very good idea!

Yes, that sounds very creative to me. I wouldn’t mind seeing a picture of your current setup.

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This is all I have so far. Just recently made the switch to loose leaf. I’m glad I did.

Never noticed that on ThinkGeek, somehow. Payday is tomorrow… looks like I’m getting these…

DaisyChubb said

haha I covet these! Sadly can’t get them shipped to Canada

I love the labels! Did you design them yourself or find and use a template?
Also, the chemistry mug is pretty cool too!

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Blake said

It’s a set from ThinkGeek Zim. They’re actually Adagio teas blended and packaged for TG.

Oh wow, that’s awesome! Thank you!

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Azzrian said

Not so much a stash pic but I finally found an affordable china hutch today!!! I was SO excited! I saved for one for around 100.00 and got this one for 75.00!!!

Missy said

Very nice!

Azzrian said

Thanks Missy :) I’m happy for now hahahahaa

Looks like it was made for that corner.

Azzrian said

I know right! we have a small home I was worried about finding one that would work. I wanted one with the “table top” area as well not just all cabinet and drawers. I totally scored! Thanks to Craigslist haha

Beautiful! I showed my wife, and she really likes it and was shocked at the price. I asked her to guess, How much do you think this would cost, used? She guessed $850 (although we don’t now, she has owned a hutch somewhat like that one in the past). Sounds like you really scored!

Beautiful hutch, and awesome price! I am so inspired by everyone’s tea stashes/organizational methods. Such a great thread! :)

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