Stash/Cupboard Pictures

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forsythia said

That’ll work! Good score indeed.

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Azzrian said

Wow thanks SimplicitiTea thats cool to know it looks that nice!
:) Thank you forsythia!

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DaisyChubb said

I finally took some pictures! Gah!
So here’s my photostream if you just want to see them all :D[email protected]/

I pared down a LOT before I moved to Halifax, so I’m managing with a little wee tea corner at the moment :)[email protected]/7093760057/

Here’s what’s in each drawer – bottom drawer is large bags, middle drawer is tins and top drawer is samples/small bags! On top of the cupboard is my special tea chest thinger with my second favorites at the moment.[email protected]/6947690680/[email protected]/6947691090/[email protected]/6947691524/[email protected]/7093762435/

Here’s my new gong fu style teapot. cute![email protected]/7093760321/

And finally, the overflow/my current favorites are in the kitchen cupboard, so they can be near at hand haha.[email protected]/7093763713/

robot.[email protected]/6947694098/

Hehehehe, robot!

forsythia said

Nice glass teapot. I should get me one. And I saw that little robot for sale on a website once, too cute.

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Man, I feel a little embarrassed to show mine now. However, here’s a shoddy (and outdated) picture of my little tea shelf.

Azzrian said

That is how mine looked about a month ago :)

Zeks said

Thats pretty much how mine looks like each time I forget to order new tea in time and is forced to drink whatever accumulated by itself :)

david said

you have some work to do Nick :P

Zeks said

Actually, by now it’s postage service ppl that have work to do :) By latest estimate there are 25+ types of tea that are in-transit to my post office. From China, Japan and USA :)

I suppose “steepster addiction” is the correct word for this kind of thing:)

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Miha Rekar said

I’ve just rearranged my “tea drawer”, added some teas, filled the tins,…

This are all the tins:
And this is the “tea drawer”:

Azzrian said

Nice labeling!

Miha Rekar said

Tnx, we discussed it on page 2

Azzrian said

Ah thank you going to check that out again – old age sorry lol

Lucy said

Ooooh Very nice.

Miha Rekar said

@Lynne-tea tnx, didn’t see your reply till today :D

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So, while the individual doodle ones were kind of fun… let’s just say that my artistic ability has some limitations.

That being said… scrapbooking paper, significantly less limitations. A trip to the local JoAnns, a roll of tape… instant creativity!

I having a lot of fun, really. Shortly after that picture, I made a super cute one with elephants.

Using the TWS6 tins from, and 12 × 12 scrapbooking sheets that you can fairly easily cut two bottles worth of ‘wallpaper’. Total price? About $2.50 a tin.

Azzrian said

VERY nice !! I did one recently with scrap booking paper too – works very well! good work!


jones5874 said

nice! I love the paper you chose – great variety.

How are you going to label them? I usually just stick tape on top and write on it because I don’t want to rip the paper. But I suppose if you always keep the same tea in the same tin, you could put a more permanent label on the side.

Thanks! We actually use a little label maker and magnetic tape to create little magnet labels that we stick on top. The first link isn’t the best picture to show these off, but you can see two of them on the bottom row (because there are actually tea in those!). The one with the leaves, and the one with the sun both have a little magnet label on top. I’ll take a better picture of that tomorrow, maybe.

SimplyJenW said


Okay, so, these pictures aren’t the best… but I’m tired :)

This is how we normally have the magnets on the top of the tins:

They could also stick to the side, but I don’t have the patience to ‘round’ them into shape.

I also stood it up on the lid, just for fun.

Let me know if you have any questions :)

jones5874 said

Great idea with the magnets! I would never have thought of that.

Missy said

He didn’t. I did! ;)

Azzrian said


Sare said

I know im late but Im a scrapbook er and didn’t even THINK OF THIS!!! this is my Next projects! First find cans lol

I recommend: I have somewhere around 50 of them now. They are the ones in my pictures too!

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I am not viewing your stash of teas. Nicely to reveal them. I was thinking just on this sort of thing earlier today. Feeling guilty that folks have no idea how tea obsess I have become and it is taking up all of my time. Anyhow, I did empty out my cupboard earlier in the year since they were mainly empty boxes needing to document all my purchases of tea etc. so I placed them on table and took photos of the pile lots of empty boxes.

I may include include a photo of this on one of my blog pages. I am newly to gizmos and gadgets and do not comprehend at times. Kind of like being self publish author but no sales. Meaning not good at all a writer.

I try to paste link of JPEG but will not paste in here. I do not have stash on flicker account. Anyhow, view blog of interested in viewing tea piling for 2011.

You folks are really smart and cunning. Oh, foxy ladies come to mind, but not (eye) I.

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Zeks said

The above link is full of unrelated spam in russian. Do not bother.

Azzrian said

Yup that is true. No idea what the point of that post is.

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OolongLily said

Loved looking through all of these pictures!

Login or sign up to post a message.[email protected]/7630702464/
My Verdant stash drawer and box! And I’m planning on ordering more today, though two of them will get decorative tins on the hutch woohoo 4oz each of two of my favorite shu’s that are low stock (if I could afford a brick of Peacock Village I would totally get one)!

Wow, very nicely organized. I would be embarrassed to show my private stash in my home kitchen.

Wow, look at all those teas from Verdant…can I come over?!

Hehe, you have more of their teas than they do! ;)

Ha! Except the majority of those are half an ounce to start with, probably only a little over a dozen are 1 oz. So yeah Zim come on over, we’ll probably go through most of it. This will be my first time ordering in any kind of quantity, once the husband double checks the finances sigh :twiddles thumbs:

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