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updated tea cupboard! Its been quite a while, thought I ought to take a picture now that its not all boxed stuff.

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This was taken…about a month ago? I’ve now taken over the neighboring dresser, and two more shelves on the bookcase….

A very small selection of teaware. Now this shelf holds only my pot and matching cups, the dresser holds my mugs/steeping devices/etc

Brewing station. It’s the most accessible place for the kettle to plug into the powerbar (i only have 2 outlets in my room so EVERYTHING plugs into a powerbar of some sort). Kettle generally lives on the table, along with my tea timer.


WtFGoD said

wow, in awe…. thats a lot of tea

210 different kinds, some bagged (which are mostly tucked away in the little wooden box on the lower right shelf), mostly loose. The bagged teas have the biggest variety of companies, but the loose are mostly DAVIDs, Silk Road (the Victoria BC store, not the online one), Murchie’s, and Teaopia. Hopeing to add more companies to my collection after the holidays :)

Lovey our teaspaces.

Fiddling said

That’s quite a collection!

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Valerie said

This is what a newbie’s cupboard looks like! :D

Five tins are full, three empty on layaway. Sample bags on the side, along with my sweeteners (sugar, honey, agave) and also my trusty teapot I got as a housewarming present three years ago but never actually used until now. :3 It’s hand-made by an artist here in Vancouver, I learned yesterday!

And I use paper filters, which are the orange box on the top.

lovely teapot.

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we’re talking about building something just for tea. this is incredibly dysfunctional:
i’m debating about taking it all out and gathering all of my accessories for an inventory photo. maybe tomorrow…

mrmopar said

not dysfunctional but tea functional! look at mine you will see i am very teafunctional! yours looks great but it will grow trust me…..

haha thanks! but it’s getting pretty hard to pick out what to drink. things get squished in the back and block the drawer from properly closing. tea is now making it’s way BACK to the counter. time for a new fancy shmancy shelf, me thinks.

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Here’s my little collection. Shaking my head at my misspelling of pu-erh. Rooky n00b. ;)

I made the album private. Passcode is steepster. ;) I’m new to photobucket, so let me know if you have trouble accessing.

I’ve been drinking greens my whole life. Never heard of pu-erh until about 3 years ago.

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Cavocorax said

Here’s mine:

The red tin has black teas, the white tin has tisane/rooibos, and the Dr. Seuss box has white/oolong and pu’erh packs. Most of these are 1oz foil bags or smaller.

Someday I’d like to dedicate part of a bookshelf to tea and tea accessories, with a lot of little colour coded tins, but I’m not there yet! Still, considering I just started buying tea a few months ago, I’m doing good.

Oh, and that coffee mug will soon be replaced by a DavidsTea perfect mug. The 2 red tupperware things have samples from a friend inthem, so I’m not as worried about the light damaging them.

Azzrian said

Love the Dr. Seuss box!

I love the seuss box too. I just got a small but sturdy bookshelf for my teas. I have a very slowly growing teaware collection myself. Have found the other tesubin I want though!

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timeskips said

it’s like tetris in there. I need to figure out better storage solutions…and I have two tupperware boxes in my pantry that used to house my whole stash. Now it’s not even half. :D

Though I do have coffee and cocoa in my cabinet as well. If I moved that I could probably fit all my tea in there. Maybe.

Uniquity said

I like your tins and cannisters! Very eclectic.

Ricky admin said

Look at that Matcha!!!

timeskips said

One of those green boxes has matcha in it too. And a bowl and whisk. :|b

Dustin said

I spy a trader joe’s mint hot cocoa tin in there! I have an empty one from last year in my cupboard too.

timeskips said

Yup! That one’s from last year too. And still mostly full.

Finn88 said

I swear I thought that was a picture of my tea cupboard. Looks almost exactly the same, including the cabinet placement and everything. I’ve had to move it since its now overpowering the cabinet though :)

Fiddling said

I love your Keep Calm and Make Tea canister. :)

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Em said

Just got all my Christmas loot onto my shelf. I can’t believe how much tea I’ve accumulated.

Cavocorax said

Look pretty good! I wonder how long it’ll be before it’s overflowing! :)

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hannabling said
darby select said

Car stash?!?!?! Car stash?!?!?! You definitely have me beat there…thought I was teahorder. Going to go stash some tea in my car now – lol.

Love the boxes on the dining table – would love to find one more condusive to loose tea.

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After some inspiration from a friend on Facebook I decided to finally get this mess of tea organized. The pics are a little blurry (i had the shakes when I took them… probably a result of too little tea :))
It’s not organized how I want it, but I don’t have any space until I can find a suitable shelving unit that I like.
The top shelf in the cupboard is all my bagged tea & teas I already have jarred but there is too much. Middle Shelf is summer teas (they’re 3 jars deep on this shelf & the bottom one), bottom shelf is all my fall/winter teas (3 jars deep & 2 high).
The counter is basically over flow of tins/teaware. The baskets are my samples etc.

cuppaT said

I like the slight blurriness; with all the pretty colors it looks quite ethereal. A fairy tea cupboard! I think this is the most visually attractive stash pic I’ve seen on this thread, actually.

Josie Jade said

really nice! makes me inspired to finally get my stash organized. I like the look of the jars – what kind are they? I’ve been debating on whether to invest in some nice metal tins or if I should get jars. . .

Cavocorax said

Pretty nice!

I like the idea of splitting up your tea by seasons. I hadn’t considered that. I hope I didn’t load up on too many fall/winter teas that I won’t drink later on.:O

Josie, I buy my jars at the dollar store 3 for $2. They can be leant over like a candy jar. I painted the outsides black recently for any that stayed on the cupboard.
I printed out coloured circles for the tops of the jars based on the type of tea ie. pink-fruit, green-green tea, yellow-herbal etc.

Thanks cuppaT, i used scrapbook paper to wrap around my tins to make them more visually appealing.

Lol Cavocorax I have that problem with my “summer” teas

Josie Jade said

What a good idea! Looks like I’ll be making a trip to the dollar store either today or tomorrow!

Azzrian said

Very pretty! I need to update my photos this week.

So lovely!

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