Arby said

Red Leaf/Matcha Outlet's Limited flavours

I noticed that Matcha outlet now only has a few flavours. Does anybody have any idea if they intend to add back all of those flavours they used to have? I was pretty intent on trying some of the dessert and alcohol flavours, but would never order from them to buy strawberry or chocolate matcha.

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I was pretty bummed they dropped their old stock, too. I wanted to try out the pumpkin one pretty bad, which they no longer carry.

Would shaking some pumpkin pie spice into your matcha give the same effect?

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annie said

I noticed that too!! I was craving some of their fig matcha and was super disappointed that they don’t carry it anymore :(

edit: sorry, that didn’t answer your question, but I’m not sure if they will bring back all the other flavours, I really hope that they do.

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MissB said

Message them. In the past, they’ve been very responsive to questions, especially from active Steeperites.

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Frolic select said

I messaged them about the cotton candy flavor and even though they never wrote me back they made it available for one weekend only a month later and I was able to stock up.

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Dustin said

I’m on their mailing list. It looks like they are randomly doing other flavors one at a time in 72 hour sales a couple times a month.

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