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This is my first post here but far from being someone who has not lurked for quite some time on here and a few other tea forums. However being as I have a huge amount of love for Disrupto and their work I wanted to reach out here first.

This is a perfect opportunity for a handful of Steepsters to get some free tea along with helping out a great, or so I see it, purpose in things.

I will keep this short to see what attention this draws here and go from there as I am looking for some experienced and unexperienced tea drinkers to help me out along with hopefully help out your taste buds.

Currently am looking for about 5 people to taste, test, rate and rant if needed on some new tea blends and some pure teas that I want to test. Yes, its free tea for those that could help out and participate however I must warn you while most will be good some may not be your “cup of tea”.

This venture was started for a few reasons, one being a love and desire for good tea and the flip side of creativity and branding. The more important reason was to involve my wonderful young children in something I as a single dad can offer them and HOPEFULLY they will enjoy and possibly be passed on too. I hide no fact that while I am successful at what I do for my day to day job, its not something I want my babies getting into.

No I am not a multinational billion dollar company with huge reserves of tea or money anywhere, what I am is what everyone here is and thats someone who loves tea and has a passion for expressing that not only in taste but in creativity and marketing.

I sure hope this does not come off like a sales pitch to most but I figure what better way to test and re-test blends and pures by putting it in front of those that enjoy it and will give good honest feedback on different blends and taste.

So with that being said lets crowd source a tea company from the ground up from those who can help build it the RIGHT way.

If you are interested feel free to let me know , Its early stages but will give you feedback on what we are looking for and currently I think 5 people will do but may expand this a little bit more.

Just a reminder you do not have to be a ‘tea expert’ to participate in this, while I do want a few of those I want the everyday tea drinker as well as preferably someone who has almost zero experience in tea to give their feedback.

Thanks everyone and appreciate this community and what it has offered me!

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K S said

Let me be the first to submit my resume! I have been drinking tea since the early seventies. That meant Twinings, Bigelow, and Ahmad. Last summer I was introduced to the wonderful world of premium loose leaf. I have enjoyed many flavored and blended teas in the past. At present I am being wowed by the amazing variety of flavors found in pure teas. You can read my tasting notes to get a better idea of where I am at in my tea journey.

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Ian said

Hi! I would love to participate in this! I am probably what most would consider a more inexperienced tea drinker-I’ve been drinking loose leaf tea since late 2010, and I haven’t explored nearly as many facets of the tea world as others here have. That being said, I have tried a fair amount of teas and I would love to review and promote yours! Feel free to take a look at my tasting notes to get an idea for what I review, though I must say that I’m rather new to the site and so I don’t have a large collection, and it just so happens that at this date and time my tea collection is starting to dwindle so I don’t have a lot of high quality materials to review. Thanks!

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Hello! I am halfway between experienced and inexperienced in the world of tea drinking, but I’d love to get involved if you’re willing to include me. The only thing I’m worried about is odd creations, since you said not all will be “good” or “our cup of tea”… Since I’m vegan I can’t drink like “fish eye chai”, but other than that I’d be good to go ;)

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I am definitely interested in being a tester. I’ve been drinking loose leaf for about a year or so, and bagged longer than that. I’m pretty open to new flavors and don’t have any dietary restrictions or allergies (that I know of!). I love pure teas and blends and would happily drink either. Best of luck on your tea endeavors!

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Brian said

I would love to be involved.

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I appreciate everyones feedback, glad to know that there are so many interested people and @MadelineAlyce I laughed so hard on Fish Eye Chai vegan can be a good diversity as well.

I am going to let this run for a day or so and see who all replies, I greatly appreciate everyones ethusiasm and while I am working on getting all together will keep everyone up to date.

I think overall having a good mixture of people is going to be the best choice, and from some of the reviews I see on here under profiles is exactly what I was hoping for.

Thanks everyone, keep posting and steeping and look forward to everyones information and will be in touch directly with you as well on here and pm.

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Tamm said

:p well if you are still having this open I’ll throw in my lot! I actually like being a “tea guinea pig” and testing teas for companies. I have participated in review tastings for at least three companies that are popular here on this site (Teavivire, Butiki and Tea Forte). I think that by trying things that I didn’t know I would like I’ve been able to have some really great experiences. I have great love for both unflavored and flavored teas and would love to help you out!

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Count me in if you need a extra person. I have been drink loose for about 2.5 years now. Bagged before that. Open to any tea….:)

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I don’t know if you still want someone for this, it does appear you have the number you sought, however, if you’d like another I’d be interested. I’ve been drinking tea for more years than I care to admit to!

At one time (about 10 years ago now!) I started my own tea business where I blended and flavored tea. It started with a quest to recreate a chocolate blend that I adored but was no longer available. After obtaining the necessary licensing and such, I decided that with all the tea I was accumulating, I should sell it, and thus my company began.

A couple of years ago, I decided that I made a better artist than a business person, so I closed the doors on LiberTeas the Tea Company, and dedicated much of my time to reviewing. I review for two sites: http://www.teareviewblog.com and one that I co-founded: http://sororiteasisters.com

LiberTEAS I actually would be honored to have you on board with this, I have read your post and even followed your buildup of selling tea and sadly the end of that as well. Ironically a lot of your post and comments on here and that you used to post on your blogspot gave me some inspiration and I might even have a few questions for you in the future.

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Count me in, if you’re still looking!!
I love LOVE trying new teas. My only caveat is that I cannot have Jasmine or Earl Grey(Bergamot) oils, and sometimes Vanilla (though I will try Vanilla).
Tea has been my favoured beverage for years, but I only got into looseleaf about three years ago.

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