Tea Panel Of Steepsters

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Ninavampi said

Wow… I am late but very interested! I have been enjoying tea for as long as I can remember, but actually looking for and thinking about tea for about 5 years. My love for tea actually started while I was studying in the US. Now I have returned to Ecuador, but I am able to order tea and have people send me tea often enough. I could live without it. : )

If you need an extra person, and don’t mind me being in Ecuador, I would be thrilled to join in!

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Erin said

Yes, I’d be interested in this as well! Let me know if you need an extra taster!

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Ha! I’m also late, but definitely interested. Let me know if you need anyone else. :)

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hey there, just joined this site just now but i have been obsessed with loose leaf teas for a few months now… i am someone who is very interested in flavors in general, be it food, wine, or tea. i like to pick out the small little nuances in the flavor profile of a certain tea over multiple steepings and i really enjoy experiencing and sharing my recommendations with my friends as well so that i can get more people interested in the world of tea… it has the potential to be way bigger then the wine culture of today and i want to do my part to get it there!

let me know if i can be of any help.. i wouldnt mind tasting some teas in the name of art, taste, and community!


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I’m late but i’m interested if this is still going on.

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Ditto – I’m late to this party, but would love to be involved if I can! :)

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teawing said

Hope I am not too late, but I would love to be involved as well…

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Thank you everyone for your responses, I think we have more than enough to do this and am excited about the response.

We are still putting a few things together, working on getting the panel setup so that you have an easy way to give feedback and then we can start moving forward. Still have a little ways to go but I am going to be sending you each a PM with a link to register your information with a few questions here soon.

Mostly just simply likes/dislikes , availability, diet (e.g. vegan) or special considerations as dont want to send something you cant try no fun in that ;)

Thank you all so much!!

K S said

I believe in order to PM (when you are ready) you will need to follow each person you select and they will also have to follow you. Correct me fellow Steepsters if I am wrong on this.

i think if you are follwing someone then they can message you im not sure exactly how it works but im following now :)

I am not sure either but I went ahead and followed everyone just to be on the safe side. I will be sending the pm’s here this week most likely with the registration page to get you all into the panel.

Thanks again everyone, this is going to be fun!

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