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Review the Exotica Muscatel

MakaiBari Tea Estate in India make extremely high end Darjeelings-with which have been involved for over a 150 years. This is the only plantation which no Englishman has set foot on, and is the first tea factory established
in the tea world. Prior to Makaibari only hand made teas were available from China and Japan.

Rajah Banerjee, the fourth generational owner who is also called the lord of Darjeeling have some highly prized loose leaf tea collectively known as the Rajah or the Lord Collection-
1. Silver Tip Imperial
2. Silver Green
3. White tea
4. First Flush
5. Second Flush Muscatel
6. Oolong

All the above mentioned Teas are Patented in the name of Makaibari.

Today I am going to Review Second flush Muscatel-
Muscatel taste in Tea is only represented by Makaibari Tea Estate, a lot of Tea estates and company have wrong connotation about Muscatel and they claim as their own. Muscatel taste is generated only in Second Flush Darjeeling Tea, all second flush doesnot represent the Muscatel. The word Muscatel in terms of tea is the Patent work of Makaibari Tea Estate.

Muscatel- Refers to rich sweet wine taste derived after steeping a tinge of astringent tannic characteristics, and a musky spiciness. The liquor is light yellow gold, and a good balance of fruit berry.

This is the unique character of body and aroma of 2nd flush Muscatel only exemplified by Makaibari Tea estate.

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Bonnie said

I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish here. It sounds like you are fishing for a review. Who sells this tea?

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