heath240 said

Matcha Recomendations

I started using matcha powder, more specifically . This is my first journey into matcha powder, as a newbie I have a few questions:

is the organic necessary vs the non organic?
Is the first harvest worth it vs 2nd harvest.

Can anyone recomend any other Matcha products that are as good or better and may be less expensive.

Thanks in advance!

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Having tasted both organic and non-organic, I will say that there is a difference in flavor. But… I would suggest contacting your seller … sometimes, the Matcha they sell is organic, but, they aren’t allowed to call it organic because they didn’t pay for the certification which is quite costly. So, they are actually offering an organic product, but because they may be a small business and can’t afford the annual certification fee, they cannot call it organic.

As far as harvests go, I’d recommend trying both harvests and determining which you like best and allow that judgement to determine your future purchases.

The best Matcha that I’ve tried is the Ceremonial Grade from Arbor Teas and the organic Ceremonial Grade from Aiya.

Red Leaf Tea has a vast selection of Matcha, including many flavors, and I do know that their products are organic even though they are not allowed to call them organic (Please see my first paragraph for that explanation). Shanti Tea also has an excellent selection of Matcha. I have enjoyed Matcha from both of these companies.

As far as cost, I am not the one to ask on that front, as I typically do not comparison shop for Matcha.

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I ordered a Matcha Green Tea Powder for my daughter from Culinary teas that was very cost efficient.
I ordered her bowl from Etsy and her whisk from Amazon. She loves everything I got her.
Have fun on your tea journey:)

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milkspoon said

I love love love matcha ever since my friend brought some when she visited, we made matcha and matcha lattes every day. The colour is amazing! Can’t say I know much about it except that I bought 40g from my local tea shop – it was cheap and I was worried, but it was very drinkable and I’d buy it again if I couldn’t find another source to try. I’m thinking unless you’re a matcha pro or have already established preferences, anything medium-quality will do :)

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Teaotic said

Ito En tea’s tea at $9.50/tin is a good beginners matcha

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I bought a small tin of DoMatcha which costed me about $30 for a little bit more than an ounce. For 2 months that I enjoyed it with my almond milk to make my matcha latte, I thought I got ripped off. Then I went to a coffee and tea store that sold matcha for $8 an ounce. I thought, what a deal! The color was not as green as I expected tho, but I hoped it should be fine in my latte. But no! I feel more ripped off! It tasted bland, less vegetal, and it brought me some tummy issues! Lesson of the story — you get what you pay for! There are 2 grades: premium (“ceremonial”) and drinking grade (which I plan to use for baking). Hope this helps!

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