Tea Art

My husband just drew this for our tea we’re trying to promote…we’ve done lots of art for this and it got me thinking about other “Tea Art”..do you have any? have you seen some that you love?


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I feature Dara Gold on my blog – she’s fantastic. I’d love to feature you too – just PM me. :)

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Will do!

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That is Awesome :)

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Reviving this thread to share a piece of tea art I just got framed. I love it! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=560967793925786&set=a.264470546908847.62262.100000377107182&type=1&theater A friend of mine who comes from a family of Shodo artists, did this mixed media & Shodo piece for me. Here is her Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/KyomiSho/about/

Anyone else have any tea art?

Love it :D

Thanks :)

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I don’t have any tea art but I’m a tea-loving artist :) https://www.etsy.com/shop/Evilducky77

Great shop! Love that “The Death of a Dream” piece and the owls are super cute!

thanks very much <3

inguna said


wow, love the owls! Linocuts are so cool! I’m gonna fav your shop!

Thanks you guys, good feedback really means a lot :)

RiverTea said

Awesome! Keep up the good work!

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RiverTea said

I just published an article on my blog concerning tea art, to be more exact paintings depicting tea. The title of the article is “10 Famous Tea Paintings”. Maybe you’ll like to check it out and give me some feedback. Here’s the link: http://rivertea.com/blog/world-of-tea/10-famous-tea-paintings/

I love all the old fashioned teaware in the paintings!

Lala said

Love all of these paintings.

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forsythia said

A favorite picture a friend found for me online and sent to me:

A photo of an embroidery project I found online made by someone in 1939. I’m having the my church’s quilting group recreate it for me to hang in my kitchen. Can’t wait, perhaps I’ll have it by my birthday in May.

Both are real cute!

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gmathis said

Wish I had more time to play there (weekly), but Illustration Friday’s topic a couple weeks ago was tea:


Some lovely eye candy there.

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