There's plenty of room down here in the rabbit hole, let's get everyone into puerh!

Hey everyone! Looks like I will never be done with this community outreach madness :)

If you’re new to Steepster or puerh, you might want to go through some of the post in the past. Anyways, here you all are!

If anyone wants to help out just let me know. This crazy pu pushing guy in Ohio was born because of people on here. The energy comes from the support of the community and I look forward to seeing what happens next!

As of right now I believe I have around 4,500 grams of raw and ripe to spread around. I’m thinking I’ll need a good 7,000 plus to do this the way I want to with 60+ people joining in. I’m looking through some possibilities on my order/s right now, but mid/late August will be a CRAZY puerh party when people come over to help out with this project.

I’m a bit tea buzzed so I will edit this all later… might not be very cohesive.

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Amazing idea and generosity. I am new to Steepster though I have a lot more tea. My S. O. cut me off from hoarding further, so this may help get me into the new Spring 2018 teas… Would be happy to send some semi-aged shou/Sheng and some pretty good young Sheng (yiwu) that may be appropriate for pu pushing purposes. Feel free to PM with your deets.

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