Beijing Tea Travel

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Cheryl said

You have painted a wonderful picture for everyone. The language barrier would be the hardest part. Oh wait, no no … wanting to buy everything would be harder to manage.

Thanks so much for keeping us up to date : )

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David Lau said

Sounds like a fun adventure! A couple tidbits of advice that may or may not be helpful. Try to find specialists. It might be hard if you don’t read Chinese but there will be merchants from all over China, some specializing in the tea of their hometown. Anxi Tie Guan Yin, Yunnan Pu’er etc.

Also many of these merchants are selling the exact same stuff, commercial grade tea. So it might be worth your while to find someone who you deem trustworthy and knowledgeable. Sometimes they mix the tea differently to obtain a different end product, a practice I’ve never liked but part of the business nonetheless. Special grade teas are often reserved for government officials and many will claim to have it, but it’s very hard to verify.

Happy shopping!

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