BlkSqrls said

clay'ware care?

Hello Steepster,

I have a quick question that i’m sure you can help me with…I recently found 3 really cool clay tea pot in thrift shop while on Vacation. I haven’t gotten around to cleaning them yet and i was wondering what is the best way to clean/treat them?

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Hi there,
The best way to clean clay teaware is really only to use hot water – no soap or anything. I guess you teapots are unglazed then my explanation works. If it is glazed you can wash it with soap without any problem.


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Bok said

If they are really dirty, use baking soda first. Make a thick past with hot water and gently scrub a bit, then rinse and soak or gently boil for some time in a larger pan (make sure to put some cloths in to prevent any chipping or breaking. When that does not help sodium percarbonate does wonders for deeply stained and dirty pots. One table spoon inside the pot one outside in a larger pan, then add hot water, let the bubble go down, gently scrub and rinse thouroughly afterwards!

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Fergy said

its prolly a bit late, but i want to add, be careful that its a food safe clay, and not decorative. it seems silly, but there are clay pots that can make you sick. good way to test is to take your cleaned pot, pour some boiling water in it, and let it sit for a bit, then pour the water into a cup. smell the inside of the pot. if it has any odd smells, other than hot rock, i would hesitate to use it. if you dont smell anything off, take a small sip of the water, and wait. if your throat gets scratchy, use the pot as an decoration.

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