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Tea Travel Mug?

I’m sorry if this has been posted before, but I’m a little new here so please bear with me ^^…

I was wondering if anyone knows of a really good tea mug or flask to travel with? I usually take a mug on the train to work or out in the freezing cold here in the UK, and my tea always spills!!! I hate it, I put my tea in my bag or a canvas bag and it’s awful. It’s hard to get a good tea cafe in London because they usually have coffee places that serve watery paper tasting tea, so I gave up and started taking my own tea out when go into Central London.. AND I NEED A GOOD TRAVEL MUG! that is leak proof, even in bags.. or sideways or anyway.. I’ve had such bad luck with this :(

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Itsyknits said

also… has anyone used Keepcup before? is it any good??

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Raritea said

Hi Maisonlula,
My favourite travel mug right now is the Timolino travel mug.

It isn’t great for doing infusions right in the thermos. I took out the infuser basket completely; it’s very small and the drinking lid has such big holes that you would probably get a few leaves in with your drink.

I use mine to contain already-brewed tea. It holds about 2 cups and is small enough to fit in a large-ish purse. It also keeps my beverages pretty hot. I’ve had a few surprises at work when I drank from it a few hours into my shift and burned my tongue! I have never had any leaks from mine either, no matter which way it was standing. You can purchase them from David’s Tea. They just came out with two new colours: black and silver

Hope this helps! This is just my favourite choice right now but I would be interested to hear about what everyone else is using too.

I second the Timolino! Yes, it keeps tea so hot that you need to be careful not to scorch yourself. I also have never had mine leak.

Some people apparently put the leaves in the mug and leave the basket attached to use as a strainer, but that would only work for teas where you can leave the leaves in. Otherwise, I use the infuser basket and remove it before leaving for the day, or I use a filterbag (like the ones DT also sells).

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This travel mug, , has changed my life. Seriously. It’s vacuum sealed, you don’t have to unscrew the lid to drink from it, and it keeps drinks crazy hot. I like to let my tea cool down to the temp I like it before screwing the lid on, and then it stays that temperature for hours. I throw it in my purse and I’m good to go. I’ve only ever seen it leak once and that’s because my wife put the lid on wonky. We’re going to get her one of her own on the next paycheck. But I cannot recommend this one enough. And! The opening is wide enough that a DT perfect mug infuser fits right in. Beautiful. I am so in love lol.

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