nyseides said

elf help

wonderful magical yummy tea tastes like fruitcake. divine. but i am allergic to sulfites – cause migraines. ow migraine as i type…

need to find out if the dried fruit in this tea is preserved with sulfites. most dried fruit is, unless you buy the expensive “unsulfured” type at the health food store.

the tea is so good its almost worth 3 day agony. almost. lol

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You’re probably best off asking David’s Tea. They have good customer service so I think they’ll get back to you pretty quickly. :) Good luck!

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I’m sorry you’re feeling ill. Believe me when I say, I understand!

I’m working on story for my blog about people who suffer from migraines and also drink tea. I’m a fellow victim; red rooibos gives me migraines, but not green rooibos. Anyway, if you want to be a part of the story, I’d love to interview you. PM me for the details!

Feel better soon – and definitely touch base with David’s Tea customer service. They’re wonderful. :)

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