Lapsang souchong additions

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I’ve never tried Lapsang, but from how it’s described, sounds like it would be tasty as the liquid when making rice or in a relatively simple soup like miso

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Erin said

I tried some today and almost threw it up lol I took a video of it lol I will NOT be trying it again. You guys are crazy lol

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TeaVivre said

Here are some short information about Lapsang souchong: it is a famous Chinese black tea, which originally produced from Wuyi, Fujian, China. Due to the process of smoke roast, it has a black color for tea leaves, but in deep red when brewed. The premium or representative of Lapsang souchong are Jin Jun Mei(金骏眉), Yin Jun Mei(银骏眉) respectively. Except for its high aroma, mellow taste, the biggest characteristic for Lapsang souchong maybe its strong smokey. So if you can’t stand this particular flavor, this is may not your cups!

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I cook with tea frequently and I make savory Tea Eggs from time to time and Soy Sauce is used in the tea for them, I’ve used Lapsang Souchong for my eggs a few times and they were actually the best. I have a good recipe if any one wants to try them, they are quick easy and tastes great, and look really cool for easter too.

teawing said

Thanks Tommy, I for one would love to see the recipe.

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Bonnie said

I love the smoke! I had some yesterday at a local tea house and wished for a piece if dark chocolate or dry salty aged goat cheese would have been heaven! If the smoke is too much for you the second steep is better.

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forsythia said

I keep a box in my cubby and have a cup when the mood strikes. Have only sweetened it with honey so far.

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