Music & Tea

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“Too hot for tea but I’ll drink it anyway, its a nice day…”

Lynxiebrat said

Lol…I like that song and video…kind of crunchy pop, similar to Lily Allen.

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Sammerz314 said

I love electro! (In particular house music) However,I prefer the soothing sounds of the Guzheng during my tea sessions.

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Denny said

I like all genres, but I mostly listen to electronic/ambient music. Anyone digesting Autechre’s Exai?

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Chizakura said

Just wanna say, Lindsey Stirling fan right here! :D I went to her concert in November, and I absolutely love her. I love her original music, her covers, everything. Electric Daisy Violin is my favorite song. Song of the Caged Bird and Shadows are my next two favorites.

Not a fan of the electronic stuff she often uses in the background, but happily it’s easy enough to ignore it in most of the songs and just listen to the beautiful violin.

So yeah, very excited to see Lindsey Stirling mentioned hehe. :)

Edit: Oops, the Lindsey Stirling post was from a year ago. Oh well.

Lynxiebrat said

Yes Lindsay Sterling is pretty cool, though have only seen a few videos on youtube.

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I know not many of you will read this, but It’s past 2 AM, I can’t sleep at all, so might as well do something fun that won’t disturb the sleep of my significant other!

Getting me started on tea and music might be a mistake, I could write on the subject for days and fill this post’s entire space! I’ll try to restrict myself to a minimum…

I’ve been inspired lately to drink good tea while listening to this astonishing artist, Woodkid , he is simply mesmerizing:

Also, love to pair the beautiful voice of Agnes Obel to a delicate tea, pure bliss:

Having dreamy tea to go with dreamy electronica sound of Hooverphonic :

Happy Silly Sunday mornings , dancing on Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together , a cup in one hand, holding Mr. Right’s arm with the other!

Letting tea and *Sharon Van Etten’s * lyrics play their magic cause sometimes, that’s what you need to keep going:

Dark Shoegaze transcendent music from True Widow , for introspective tea moments:

Getting the best tea buzz ever, trippin’ on this Massive Attack’s masterpiece, it just never gets old:

Electronica flirting with Dubstep at 4:06 on this Deadmau5 ’s track, for energizing tea moments:

Having a soothing tea with the sultry voice of David Poe , after a romantic evening and a few glasses of wine (or bottles, depending!),

If you don’t already know from a previous post, strong tea and The Black Keys will have me clean the entire house in no time:

Sipping on my most prized tea, listening to Nina Simone …Just because she’s Nina and no one will ever sound as good as she does on this:

And If I’m reading while having tea ( I always do!) I listen to classical. Bach is probably my favorite. Isabelle Faust rendition of this partita is one of the best in my opinion:

And the list goes on and on and on… Sorry for the lack of self control, hope some of these pieces will inspire a few Steepsterites :-)

(I’m also posting this on another tread about this topic, cause that’s how enthusiast I am about sharing music with others…)

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I know this stuff is probably different than what you’re normally into, but I play in two bands at the moment. Steepster folk have been nice so far, so I’m hoping you would check my stuff out!

Genre: Indie/Rock

Lion Of Judah
Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore

Both bands have one song each that are available for free download. Feel free to snag it and throw us some feedback. Thanks guys!

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There is nothing better than just sitting with a cup of tea and listening to my favorite music. Music is like books in its ability to transport us to fantastical places.

A taste of my favorite music:

My two favorite songs from Deine Lakaien:

I want to see them live almost as much as I wanted to see Michael Jackson (incidentally, I do have tickets to the concert that never was. I would’ve sold my soul to see MJ when I was a little girl – I listened to him exclusively in 5th grade – and my husband promised that if he ever performed live again that we would be there no matter what. We went London anyway. It was very very sad :( )

Other music I like:
Genres: Goth, darkwave, ebm, and Futurepop; Alternative Rock, Symphonic Metal (esp. Within Temptation), New Age, World, Reggae (this list could get very long!).
What I’m not into: (most) Industrial Metal, Rap, Country, Bluegrass.

A couple favorites from Within Temptation: -(this one is not as dramatically symphonic as their older stuff)

( ^^) _旦~~

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Cavocorax said

So I’m listening to One Republic’s newer album while I’m at work, and wondering what everyone is listening to!

I don’t listen to the radio anymore so I feel like I’m stumbling around blindly when it comes to discovering new music! I end up listening to a lot. (Which sorta counts as radio, I guess?)

What are your current favourite albums/songs/etc? :)

mine are right in the post above :p
I had very limited music listening experience till I met my husband. He introduced me to so much new music! <3

haha, rereading my own post prompted me to listen Deine Lakaien right now. So much for the errands I was about to run. . . I could listen to this ALL day. I really shouldn’t check steepster before going out. lol

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I usually drink tea while I’m working second or third shift (hence the name). Depending on my mood, how sleepy I am, and how boring the work is, I can be listening to anything from Bach to Metallica. However, I’m especially fond of 1920s and 30s dance music and jazz, especially King Oliver, early Louis Armstong, Bix beiderbecke and Bessie Smith. I’m also very fond of Max Raabe.

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If anyone is interested, my boyfriend is going to be recording his first studio album in a few months. He specializes in jazz (which is what I love during tea time) but he is always playing around with other genres. I may be bias but I think it’s kind of neat to hear! You can hear his first original composition sample for the upcoming album on his facebook page: feel free to give it a ‘like’ too so you can stay up to date as he will be posting other tunes each week! :)

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