Tea Guru - The Tea Selection Helper

Hey Steepsters,

Its Friday afternoon so its time for something fun!

Can’t decide what tea to drink? Well, we just created a new and easy way to find the teas you’re in the mood for. We call it the “Tea Guru”. Just choose an adjective from the word tree that describes what you are in the mood for, and the Tea Guru will show you the right teas for you. This is just the prototype, so we’ll keep adding teas and adjectives in the future.

Give it a try here, http://www.stoneleaftea.com/?page_id=2106 , and let me know what you think.

Thanks and have fun!

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Dinosara said

While I like this for your original purpose—choosing a tea based on your mood—I actually like it more for discovering new types of tea with characteristics I like. I love floral teas, so if I click on floral I can discover some new types of tea that I should try out if they fit that category. It’s definitely fun to explore!

Also, I love the owl Tea Guru… it’s like he’s helping me select my teas. :D

I was doing the same thing, clicking on one to try to find new teas to try in that category!

Okay, this is totally awesome. And I’m totally using it just like you are, Dinosara! This is very fun and it’s giving me some great descriptors for the different tea types. :D

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Neat idea!

For someone like me who is new to these kinds of flavor descriptors, it would be great to have a short description of each one (possibly as a tool tip, or where you can right click on the descriptor), as some descriptors are very similar. For example, ‘woody’ and ‘earthy’ seem like very similar adjectives to me, and both bring up some of the same teas in your application, but what is the difference between those two?

Another idea is to have a wheel (I think SanctuaryT may have one) that maps the feeling you want to achieve to a particular type of tea (like ‘relaxed’ = ‘chamomile’).

Creative application. Thanks!

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Oh! Only one thing I’d suggest… I’d like to see some sort of tags on each of the teas (on the actual product page for each tea, that is) indicating which descriptors are being attributed to it in relation to the tree.

Did that make any sense at all?

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Thanks for the advise guys!

I’ll look into making the tags visible on the product pages. Also, a good idea to define the adjectives so people can learn and think about the flavor descriptions more in depth.

Remember, the tea guru owl knows all!

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