flipteg said

2012 Mandala Noble Mark Ripe pu erh (sale or trade)

I have a few cakes of the 2012 Mandala Noble Mark Ripe pu erh. I bought these at the beginning of 2016. I got too excited and bought too much. I find that I don’t drink it much nowadays.

Each cake is 250 grams. Looking for $40 per cake or send in your best offer. Take the tong (7 cakes) for $260.

I’ll also trade for 2017-2018 Wuyi rock oolong (especially Rou Gui) of equal value. So around 115 to 150g of the oolong for a cake. Please let me know what you have if you’re interested!

USA only please

Thank you



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flipteg said

One cake is sold. The unopened tong is not available anymore.

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