Best "Starter" Pu Erh?

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Azzrian said

Best info on Pu er I have found yet!
Scroll down a bit under the tea cakes.
This makes perfect sense and perhaps is why many people have negative experiences with Pu er.
I am no tea expert but my husband and I do indulge in nargile tobacco. The same acclimation process needs to take place with some of the finer tobaccos. If you have poor acclimation or do not give time for such the tobacco will smell and taste horrid.
Ah I have learned something new. :) Happy Dance…

Javan said

I just ordered the older sampler and am looking forward to trying the teas. Thanks to you and DukeGus for suggesting this site.

Azzrian said

Aweee thanks but I actually found it from another post somewhere myself. I plan to order some from here as well very soon. Please let me know how you like it … or not. :)

DukeGus said

Nice to help Javan,
you should write a review of the tea you will drink :)

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CocoKimchi said

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Plunkybug said

I quite like David’s Chocolate Orange Pu erh (formerly Oh Christmas Treat). Sure it is flavoured, but I find the chocolate blends in well with the earthy pu erh. I find that the tuocha from Teavivre was quite strong, though it was tasty. I think I can probably get by on half of the tuocha when I make my next one, though the rose bud is mixed in, and that will be my last one.

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Only tried one and found the taste too odd for me. Would be open minded to try other ones

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