Private Messaging

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Why is everyone so secretive about the comments they are sending. I like reading other peoples comments. Probably because I am nosey.

Be free, be transparent live life in the public space. Vote against private messages.

because we use private messaging to include our snail-mail addresses and other things we’d rather not have out and about

Cofftea said

I agree, when they are comments about a tasting note. PMs not only prevent tasting notes comments from being consumed by unrelated tea talk (quite annoying when you’ve “liked” or commented on the tasting note so it appears on your dashboard), but gives people a place to communicate while maintaining their privacy. Some of us use steepster to build friendships w/ other tea drinkers even if we aren’t comfortable giving out our real email address. Would you like everyone here reading the contents of your personal email inbox? I don’t. The conversations that I have w/ fellow steepster members that do not center around a tasting note are not other peoples’ business.

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