Tea storage?

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Azzrian said

These are super reasonable and fun colors!

milkspoon said

I really like the minty green one!

Azzrian said

That is the color I would buy as well – wish that they had a buttercream color – light yellow – as well.

Have you bought any of these Azzrian? I was watching the tea-guru video, and it looked to me like the ‘seal’ on the inside of the cap was metal.

Kittenna said

Normal DavidsTea tins have a “vacuum seal” that’s metal. Not entirely sure I trust it, but that’s what my tea is stored in!

Azzrian said

Im sorry Dylan – Just saw your question. No I have not got any myself. Just thought they looked decent and a good price. :)

Scott B said

I was looking to buy some of these in different colors, but then I noticed that their plain silver tea tins were free with a 100 gram purchase of tea. Since the colored and the plain were the same price, I thought why not get the colored tins as the free ones? They did not reply to that.

Makes me think that the plain tea tins are bought in larger quantities and are much cheaper for them to buy than the colored.

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David’s tea has some really cool coloured tins at $2 each:)
out of the red one right now…tapping my foot…sipping tea…waiting…

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We put in an order with specialtybottle a few months ago and grabbed two each of the TSQ4, TWS4, and TWS6. The first two were fairly standard tins that you might expect to see cheaply at a store, or with a product brand on it as just a container.

The TWS6 was the gem though. It has an airtight rubber grip around the inside of the lid that makes it fit very snugly into the bottom. They’re fantastic, especially at the price. So we put in an order for 20 more, and have reorganized the tea cupboard with those.

I haven’t exactly run scientific double-blind tests or anything, but they appear to be a much more air/moisture tight seal than, say, the Teavana tins (which is really the only frame of reference I have!). The little inner ring actually keeps inside the canister by the pressure, as opposed to the Teavana lids with have the little plastic catch. The Teavana tins make a little ‘click’ noise when you open them, because the hard plastic catch is scraping past. These make a very satisfying ‘pop’ noise when you open them. In my head, this has to do with the air-tightness/pressure thingy. It’s science!

Anyway, I may try other tins, because… well, I’m a silly American consumer. But, the specialtybottle TWS6 is definitely going to be my default.

It helps that they’re so dang close that the box gets to my door in like two days.

“I’m a silly American consumer” this absolutely cracks ME UP! SO AM I!

I will have to keep those TWS6’s in mind. They sound great. Thanks for letting us know about them.

Blake said

Heh…the “silly American consumer” reminds me of my favorite thing to do when ordering food/drink. If I want to order a “large” in something, when they ask what size I’d like, I tell them “American.” Most get it and laugh, but some look puzzled, and I have to follow up with “you know, as big as possible. Take your largest size, make it bigger and more American, and I’ll take that.”

Usually gets a good chuckle from everyone, only once or twice has someone managed to take offense to it.

I totally need to start asking for things american sized.

Blake said

A deadpan initial delivery is the key =]

I love it too. It’s a great way to poke fun at ourselves: more = BETTER!

I don’t exactly like to admit it, but rather than making those little 200ml cups of tea at a time (as it seems the Chinese do), I usually make a big ol’ pot of whatever I’m brewing. Still, I am considering getting a gawain to brew some of the higher quality stuff in.

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Well, since the reviews on here sounded mostly positive I went ahead and ordered 15 of the TWS6’s; I hope they work well!

So…. did you get them? What do you think?

Shortly after you posted this, we put in an order for another 20 (god we buy too much tea).

They’re supposed to arrive tomorrow afternoon; I’ll keep you posted

The canisters arrived today and they seem quite good. They lids seal tightly and they each seem to hold at least four ounces of tea (aside from the larger leaf varieties, of course).

If you’ve ever ordered tea from The Persimmon Tea Company, the TWS6s are the same canisters that they ship their teas in (I assume they buy them wholesale).

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brandy3392 said

I’m considering getting some of the TWS6 canisters, but I would need to store them laying on their sides. Would this cause any problems? Are the covers made out of the same material as the rest of the canister?

Yes, the covers seem to be of the same material as the rest of the canister, aside from a plastic seal on the inside of the lid. They seal very tightly and I can’t imagine that storing them on their side would cause any issue.

I agree with Mr U that there should be no problem with storing them on their side. I’m less than careful with them when I take them to and from work, typically just tossing them in the passenger seat of the car and letting them roll around for half an hour. So far, the lids have held… and I’m assuming your tea cupboard bounces less than my jeep!

I could take a couple pictures of them so you could see the lid, how it holds, or what not. Would that help?

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Aiko said

Another vote in favor of the TWS6 canisters! I’ve been using them for a while and overall they are my favorites. On a side note, these look awfully similar to the storage tins sold by Chicago Tea Garden, can anyone confirm/deny if they are the same?

I’ve stored tea in lots of ways though; ceramic cookie jars, thermos bottles, zip-baggies in a shoebox. As long as it’s airtight and lightproof, it works.

One way I sort of test my storage containers is by filling them with water and shaking vigorously, checking for leaks. While watertightness and airtightness aren’t the same thing exactly, I figure it’s probably still a pretty good indicator (FYI, the TWS6 was the only Specialty Bottle tea tin that didn’t leak a drop).

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Blake said

I may or may not have placed an order for 20 TWS6 last night. I’ve spent a month trying to figure out which canister I wanted to order, but you’ve all tipped the scales for me.

I may or may not have 42 of them. And need more.

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Blake said

So this:

Plus this:

Equals this:

Time to fill ’em up =]

SimplyJenW said

Niiiiiice! :D

That looks a lot better than mine (which are covered in masking tape).

Well done!

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Scott B said

One thing I do is cut the label off the packaging/pouch and scotch tape it to my tea tins. Not all will fit, but many do.

D’oh. Good thing I saved the packages.

Blake said

That was actually my original plan, but I don’t know how to not needlessly spend money.

Dinosara said

This is what I do too! At the very least I try to get the company name and tea name off the pouch. Most of the time I don’t have any problems. Scotch tape tends to release from tins much better than stickers or other things, too, so it’s easy for changing labels around.

Ryan Terry said

@Blake – “I don’t know how to not needlessly spend money.” I think that’s my new personal catch phrase.

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Scott B said

ha! Another thing- Some places put a sticker on their packaging-you could ask them to leave it off the package and just throw it in the shipping box so that you can stick it to your tin.

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