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Tea for Hot Flashes

I know this may be awkward because I am a guy and I’m asking this, but I’m on a pill for my high triglycerides and one of the side effects is hot flashes. They’re pretty bad (though yet again aren’t all hot flashes?) and they last for a pretty long time, and so I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for teas/tisanes (or other things, even) that can help with them.

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There are most likely not any tisane that can truly reduce the effects of hot flashes or someone would be largly profiting already, as it is a very bothersome condition.

For ‘anyone’ having to put up with hot flashes, the usual advice would be to reduce or remove caffein, sugar and alchohol from the diet.

A recommended herb for hot flashes is sage:
Sage (Salvia Officialis) is a very beneficial herb with many active compounds. For night sweats its antiperspiration (antihydrotic) and phytoestrogen compounds are most valuable. So brew yourself a cup of sage tea as an easy home remedy for hot flashes and night sweats, especially before going to sleep.

What I would recommend is combining other components with sage for a nice symptom relieving tisane.
Chamomile, sage, lemon balm and either peppermint or spearmint.
(the best mix might be 50% chamomile and the other 50% equal parts of the other 3)

hope this helps you.

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