meowster said

Free Tea (except shipping)

Hi guys,

I was overzealous when I first got into tea. Now I have too much of certain teas and would like to share!

Most of what I have to give is flavored black and green from Adagio and Upton.

PM me for the complete list.
Let me know which teas in particular you’d like, or if you want me to surprise you.

If you have random teas or flavors not on the list you’d like to try, let me know as well! I have a lot of other teas I can give you a couple grams to taste.
(Including more flavored teas, chinese greens and blacks, japanese greens, taiwanese blacks and oolongs, and raw and ripe pu erh. I have more than 280 teas (not counting pu erh)…)

I’m thinking of shipping via flat rate USPS boxes. The medium one is $13.75. I will STUFF it with tea, so you get your shipping’s worth.
(edit: after looking at the photo of the small flat rate box, I will go with the medium one since it’s difficult to to stuff tea in the small one.)

added herbal options and updated size options. unless otherwise specified, I’ll default to the sizes on the sheet.

p.s. if you have a detailed profile, I can try to cater to your preferences (if you want a surprise) or add something extra outside of the list!

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AJRimmer said

I’d be interested in the full list, thanks!

meowster said


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I’m also interested in the full list thanks!

meowster said

you have to follow me back for me to message you.

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I’d be willing to have a looksie, thank you!

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