denisend said

Honey! Hey there sweetie...

Er… yeah…

So, what kind of honey do you use in your tea and where do you get it from?

Do only certain types of tea get honey or are you an equal opportunity honey-er?

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denisend said

I thought of this because my husband talked me into buying Teavana’s White Gold Honey this weekend even though we have a TON of honey at home.

I haven’t put it into tea yet, but it’s really good on toast.

The husband is a honey collector. We have a couple jars of Bee Folks honey (I know Tupelo, I’ll have to update with the full list), a jar of grocery store clover (why, I do not know), a 2-3 lb jar of local from someone my mom works with, a flute of Tupelo from the MiL, and now the White Gold.

I like black teas with honey, and occassionally a rooibos. With all of the honey in the house I should use it more often.

Creamed honey on toast is really good with a mug of tea, too. Yum. I’m hungry now…

I’m sorry but I just can’t help myself. The cat in your display picture is very beautiful :) I have four of my own (one called Honey funnily enough).

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I don’t…I drink everything plain. However, I enjoy Agave Nectar as a honey substitute when I use honey in other things like cooking…DH has tried it in tea and also liked it!

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jennlea said

I don’t often sweeten my teas, but when I do I use Agave Nectar instead of honey. No reason in particular except that I like it :)

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Cofftea said

I have never tried honey, I don’t like to sweeten any tea (except for occasionally maple syrup in my maple sugar black tea). That being said, I am REALLY interested in trying The Republic of Tea’s Chai honey because it actually has tea in it. I’m also intersted in trying Indian sugar that someone suggested. Lupicia also has honey w/ tea in it that I will probably cave into and try eventually.

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my fiancee and i buy way too much honey from bee folks but we tend to run out so quickly lol. and sadly the other day i dropped our jar of Scottish heather honey on the floor and the jar broke :( the only good thing about that is the glass stayed with the honey and not all over the kitchen. so i guess u can say that we too are honey collectors as we have a gallon jug of orange blossom for mead making and a ton of other assorted honeys :) i havent bought any store brands in a long time, we try to get local honeys when we can or if we run out of our bee folks honey.

honey on an english muffin or on corn bread is my favorite :)

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fcmonroe said

I love honey!! I’ve been buying some at the health food store. Right now I have tupelo honey and palmetto honey.

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I use honey, i try different ones, we have a hive around here at the ren faire (the bee folks, PA and i stock up – i try to compliment the tea, for example using mint honey in flowery teas or flowery honey in herbals or mild white honey in greens….don’t use too much though!

i too try to compliment my tea with the honey i usually add blueberry honey to my blueberry flavored tea :)

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Lynxiebrat said

I have a honey with Lavender in it, from my nearest Whole Foods store. It smells more perfume-y but it doesn’t seem to taste any different from clover honey bear at the supermarket. There is a jar of honey that my Dad and Step-Mom bought back from their honeymoon, (LOL.) I can’t remember what type of honey it was, but it was from Pigeon Forge, Tenn. Very yummy stuff. It went bye bye too quickly.
But generally speaking, I don’t like to use honey in my tea unless it is kind of plain or single noted. Because Honey tends to take over the flavor. Lately been using the rock sugar that Teavana sells, though it is up in the air whether or not I will be able to continue buying it.

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I don’t use honey because when I use enough to sweeten the tea the way I like it, the tea tastes too much like honey. Go figure. Splenda FTW!

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BoxerMama said

I only use honey in certain tea. Mostly herbals. I get it from a bee farm locally.

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