Chellybean said

Best Places to Buy Online

Hey everyone,

I am looking to expand my variety of teas, as I only have physical access to a Teaopia and a DAVIDs Tea. I was looking for some suggestions of online tea stores that meet the following criteria:
- ship cheap or free to Canada
- have a wide variety of flavoured teas
- have teas in the same price and quality range of DAVIDs Tea/ Teaopia


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Ian said

I think the company that best fits your criteria is 52teas ( The concept of the company is that the owner (Frank) concocts a new flavored blend every week, but supplies are limited. They do have a permanent collection with some very good teas, but the best way to try the new things is to go fast or join the tea of the week/month club. Shipping to Canada is relatively cheap ($2 for the first pack of tea and then .50 for every additional pack), and they have pretty prompt shipping.

I would also recommend Adagio but I checked on their website ( and shipping to Canada is pretty steep. If you’re willing, though, they have very good teas and an option to create your own custom blend.

I would also recommend Verdant teas. They do have nice blends. They aren’t super sweet or super flavored like DAVIDsTEA or Teopia’s are, but they are nice and high quality. The teas themselves are rather high priced (as are 52teas), but again, they have cheap international shipping: for orders under $25, it’s a flat rate of $5, but once you hit $25 it’s free. Also, if you ever are looking to try unflavored teas, I would definitely recommend them-they are very high quality and very good.

Uniquity said

Adagio is ridiculous for Canadian shipping. 52Teas new shipping policy is very cheap, but when you factor in the cost of the tea itself, it’s quite a bit more expensive than most flavoured blends. (A 2 oz pouch is 56 grams, and most of the pouches are 8.99 or up.)

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I can recommend Culinary Teas, they have great tasting flavor-added teas for very reasonable prices: here is my review of them:

And here is a link to their shipping policy:

Happy shopping!

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milkspoon said

Ah I’m moving to Canada soon, what’s DAVIDs Tea like? I will live within walking distance of one, yay! Currently in New Zealand, shipping is a nightmare lol… luckily 52 teas makes yummy stuff and has a flat international rate. Kinda pricey, but that’s to be expected when the supplies are limited.

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Chellybean said

DAVIDs Tea is awesome to be within walking distance of! I often just wander over for a sample of the tea of the day! All of the stores i’ve been too have super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff, and their teas are amazing. They have an outstanding selection of good quality flavoured teas (and also some unflavoured, but I haven’t really tried those) and a full range of tea accessories!

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tigress_al said

I haven’t placed any orders yet, but tealish and tea desire ship free over $50. They are both Canadian.
I haven’t tried any of their teas though, mainly just browsing their website. The next larger purchase I make will be from one of these sites though.

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Fjellrev said

I second 52teas and Tea Desire. I personally haven’t even tried 52teas yet (but have an order coming in), however, the reviews speak for themselves. Tea Desire has an awesome selection and they make quite tasty teas.

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lividtea said

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jjeffrey said

May I heartily recommend Fred Baines’ Nova Scotia Antiques&Collectibles eBay store. Fred dabbles in collectibles but the bulk of his store biz is loose tea. He buys from Metropolitan Tea Company in Toronto, which also supplies several of the retail outlets mentioned above. His prices are very affordable indeed — US$19.95/500g in most instances except for a small handful of premium teas. His selection is not vast but it’s balanced and well-chosen. Buy $80 worth and the shipping’s on him. His communication is excellent and the man is quite dedicated to keeping his customers HAPPY. Worth a serious look to see if he has what you want.

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