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As some of you know, I had launched a Kickstarter to help grow our business. Unfortunately, it did not fund. Because we are not people who give up easily, we’ve decided to accept pre orders for our tea, in fact we are currently accepting pre-orders for all of our products through our website. This has been a challenging effort for me. I love tea and I love creating it. I want to be able to make a living doing something I love. So I’m trying again. I opened up the “shopping carts” and am doing this in an effort to raise capitol that will enable us to obtain the necessary permits, licenses and insurance necessary for inter-state and international sales. As soon as we reach our goal we will make up our product and ship it out promptly. I hope maybe some of you here will take a look and consider ordering. Please understand that if you place an order with us it will not be shipped immediately and there will be a waiting period. We will be sure to keep you updated as we progress and any questions you may have can be sent to us through the contact form and will be answered promptly. Can you help a gal out? the site is terrastella.weebly.com. Thanks.

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Your shipping rates are pretty decent! I’ll see what I can do :)

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Thank you! And thank you for allowing my shameless self promotion. ( :

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Of course! Might have to wait a week or two though, I need to get paid lol
Good luck in your business!!

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