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I was thinking in ordering some teas from nothing but tea but can’t fork over the numbers just yet for worrisome reasons. I have not since alot of reviews for nothing but tea but it seems pretty legit but somewhat lengthy to receive orders. If anyone out here has ordered from them, can anyone tell me the pros and cons of ordering from them.

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Angrboda said

I’ve shopped with them several times and I’ve been pleased with my purchases. If you are uncertain of what to get, you can get sample sets with for example a sample of all their black teas, or all their greens and so on and so forth. They have a good, large selection and, I think, reasonable prices. They do require a little patience when it comes to shipping times however, but honestly it’s not something I really pay attention to. I’m used to that, with the majority of my shopping coming in from abroad. I think AC Perchs is the only shop in Denmark I shop with, so I almost always have a fairly long shipping time on packages.
Go ahead and give them a go.

Additional, mind you I’m in Europe and they’re a UK shop. I don’t know what their shipping is like across the Atlantic.

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Thanks Angrboda! Much of what I heard is quite positive but the only problem is actually tracking the packages which its does not seem to provide.

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Hi – we provide tracking for larger orders – for very small orders it is not economicaly viable. We use Royal Mail, for UK orders they will be sent either tracked or signed for if they are above £12.00.

For overseas orders we also use Royal Mail, but signed for requires a surcharge of £4.95 on top of the postage.

We could and will if asked for, send orders overseas by Courier, but this will be very expensive if you are only ordering small amounts of tea.

You can of course always ask and we will discuss your options with you – email or telephone us during office hours.

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