Azzrian said

Has anyone Purchased from Leaves of Tea?

I could not find any teas in the database that have been rated here for them.

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I haven’t myself. A quick search shows that some of their tea names/ingredients are the same as Adagio’s teas (Ceylon Sonata, Keemun Concerto, Earl Grey Moonlight, Coconut Pouchong, etc). But they might just get some of their teas from Adagio, and some from elsewhere.

The prices are higher for Ceylon Sonata, etc, from Leaves of Tea. But then again, looks like Leaves of Tea has taken their own pictures and written their own descriptions (which is a lot better than others who resell!).

I googled some of their “Twines” (which I’ve never seen before now), and some came up being sold by Primo Bean and Cavallini Coffee and Tea. Cavallini recently won at the World Tea Expo for their flavored tea blends, so they may be another source.

Wish I could give you personal experience. On the surface, it looks like you might be better off going straight to their sources, but you never know. Part of any good tea company’s job is being a good curator (selecting the right teas to sell), and these guys might be good at picking out combos of teas that are worth drinking and sharing. shrug

At least they have free shipping? Can’t find reviews of them online anywhere, actually. And their blog has one post (just a test, really) and that was from Feb 2009. Could be worth an e-mail to them asking for tea recommendations just to get a feel for what the company is? At least it’s an option if no one here has experience.

EDIT: Found their facebook.
Looks like only they interact with their wall (just 1 customer message). But at least it shows they’re not dead.

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Azzrian said

Whew I could not find them on facebook and I also saw the blog test post which worried me! I was afraid that I would order and not get my items!
I am very interested in these twines!
I will check out Primo Bean and Cavallini – THANK you for this excellent research!!

My pleasure! I love researching random things on the net. :-p

You might have more fun just going straight to Cavallini if you’re looking at those twines. They have a full range of things inspired by various cocktails-etc, plus the recent expo win shows there must be something good happening there.

Azzrian said

I may have not found the right place – I looked them up and did not find any of the twins on there – the site I went to was a bit strange in how they displayed the teas – text only – no pictures etc. Trying again. :)

I do believe this is it … 1 pound only though YIKES

Azzrian said

Although it is half the price for only 4 ounces from Leaves of Tea .. I would never be able to drink all that before it was too old to drink lol – plus would like to try at least two blends … hummm anyone want a group buy? :)

momo said

Some of those cocktail inspired ones do interest me, but so many to choose from oh my goodness!

Azzrian said

I know lol I would be thrilled with any of them but was thinking one champagne, one merlot and one chardonnay – oh wait there is a margarita too! :) So thats four lol then only to pick the flavors all which sound wonderful to me! The more I look around this Leaves of Tea site the more doubts I have – I need to just call them.

Azzrian said

well I called … a lady answered – its a home line however and she sounded a bit apprehensive but said they are still in business. I could tell she had tension in her voice but she warmed up some by the end of the short conversation. No discount codes at this time (I asked). I also asked her about the lack of a shopping cart button to which she said was a site glitch – just add another item to get to your cart – then delete it.
I suppose they are legit – I did reach someone.

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