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How do you convince or try to convince your friends to start drinking tea?

Good luck!

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I carry it around with me every single day and tell them to try whatever kind I have at time. Then I will sneakily start bringing ones I think they will like until they can’t help but be hooked.
I got all the girls at work hooked on DavidsTea… it consumes a large percentage of loose change from our tip jar. :D and that’s just where it started. They now know what we want before we even get there…. and by name. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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I make a pot of my favorite tea, make it to perfection … and make them drink it.

It’s worked on 2 of my guy friends so far! A few weeks later, I opened up a drawer in my friend’s kitchen, it was FULL of loose leaf tea!
He was too embarassed to tell me. Well there’s nothing to be embarassed about obviously, he just needs more of our peer group “tea obsessed” to be comfortable too.

I’m working on it!

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Joe said

By making them a pot of real tea. Most people that say they don’t like have not had real tea before and are only familiar with tea bags

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When I invite people over, I always ask people if they would like some tea! I bring every single one of my teas out so they can choose and get introduced to new varieties!

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Alyssa said

I go on and on about the health benefits.

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Azzrian said

I just allow them to see how much I am enjoying MY tea, saying out loud “Yummmmm” and “ohhhhh” and “wowza” after every sip until they beg for some.

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Dinosara said

I’m not very good at it. I did have one fellow student come by my office to get some tea once, but that’s it. If people show an interest I’m happy to nurture that, but I’m not pushy about people aren’t interested in the first place.

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What has worked on my friends so far:
1) Drink tea in front of them. Preferably in really cool or unusual tea-ware. Make casual references to tea. If a friend responds to any of this with even slight curiosity or interest, I know I have a prospective convert.
2) Make tea when they are over. The most fragrant, delicious, irresistible tea on hand. Offer them some. If they accept, it will likely win them over. If they decline, the scent will tantalize them as I drink my tea. I repeat the offer throughout the evening or the next time they are over until I get some tea down their throats.
3) To seal the deal: at the next gift-giving opportunity, give them an appealing-to-a-beginner tea that is easy to brew (I usually go with blacks or rooibos blends flavoured like tasty desserts) and an easy way to brew it. I have given DT perfect mugs, for example. This makes an attractive little gift and is all they need to get going.

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I tempt them with the aroma….sadly though that’s not working for the wife.

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partea said

i find out what they like (fruity tastes, cinnamon, spicy, chocolate, etc.) and then make them a tea with that flavour and usually they love it!
they don’t have a choice whether to try it or not ;)

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