Yogic Chai said

Yogic Chai Wins 1st on Chai Category Again at North American Tea Championship!

Hello fellow Steepsters!

We are thrilled!

Our Original Masala Chai has won 1st place at the North American Tea Championship! This is our second year in a row winning 1 st place :)

2nd Place was Chico Chai Teas
3rd Place was Rishi Teas

The full Press Release from the event can be found below:

If you are a subscriber to Steepster Select, you had the opportunity to taste our award winning blend in December. Let us know what you thought of it! We are always looking to improve our blends.

We are running a special promotion this weekend:

We launched a new feature on our site that allows you to earn points by shopping, writing reviews, writing recipes, referring friends, etc.

Well, we are giving double the amount of points until Sunday for anything that earn you points! For more information about our Points and Rewards feature:

A big thanks to those of you who have written reviews on Steepster and on our site!

We look forward to keep spreading the Love for authentic Indian Chai!

Ricardo Dacosta
Co Founder
Yogic Chai

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Javan said

This is wonderful chai. We are going through a pound of the original Masala Chai. My wife just asked me to make some more. Well deserved award!

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Congratulations, Ricardo. I have been a long time fan of your chai blends. I was very happy to have this chai in the Steepster Select box, and I’ve also recently learned that it is your chai in the foodzie tasting box this month too! (It was the fact that there would be chai in the box that ultimately made that decision for me this month… I was leaning heavily toward the brooklyn box, but, the fact that there was chai in the ski lodge box was what made me say “I gotta have it!”)

Anyway, here is my full-length review of the Original Chai: http://sororiteasisters.com/2012/01/25/original-masala-chai-from-yogic-chai/

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Azzrian said

Congratulations! I look forward to being able to try your teas soon!

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Yogic Chai said

Thank you so much for your comments guys. It feels good to be loved :)

LiberTEAS Foodzie’s concept is so awesome right? I was leaning to the Brooklyn Box too this month, but felt like I was gonna cheat my own company! Im excited about the Hot Chocolate on a stick too I have to say :)

I absolutely LOVE foodzie. I was about to cancel my subscription with the changes that they made, but, I have actually come to love these changes. Last month, they had the movie night option with the chai cola, and I SO wanted to try that, but, I couldn’t pass up all that chocolate in the Valentine’s box. If I had to choose between chocolate and tea, I can’t say which one I’d choose… hopefully, I will never have to make such a choice.

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Azzrian said

Aweee but you should get to sample everything else too – still can’t go wrong with your own company right! I will try it soon. :)

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