Calling all Canadians - Tea Companies

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Sammerz314 said

Tao Tea Leaf in Toronto is probably my favourite tea shop :).

Mine to. For me, it’s between Tao’s and Tsaa but usually end up at Tsaa because they also serve lunch and breakfast food there

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Since I left Fernie last year, a place called Infinitea has opened up there. Anyone been by any chance?

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sherubtse said

I would say that Capital Tea just north of Toronto is a great place to buy tea, especially blacks. Most people miss them, which is a pity. Great service & cheap shipping, too.

Best wishes,

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Jeaneeta said

I mostly go to Teavana (now that Teaopia closed) and David’s Tea. The product is better at Teavana but the customer service sucks, with the constant over-pouring when they think you’re not looking and high-pressure sales. You can take advantage of their return policy and return the remainder of the tea you don’t like, but goes straight into their trash. It’s their loss.

David’s Tea changed their return policy so try to buy as little as possible when I’m “trying teas out”, but I love that I get a free tin with 100g.

Ten Ren and other bubble tea shops sell packaged loose leaf teas(125G $15), but I questioned their “freshness” (they could have been sitting there for years) and the sales lady didn’t answer me and shoved another fruit tea in my face.

My friends told me European grocery stores sell loose leaf teas for dirt cheap, but I’d question their freshness too.

Uniquity said

I didn’t know Davids return policy changed. It is interesting that Teavana used to not do returns and Davids took anything but now they are reversing. :)

yyz said

Hi Jeanetta, I have bought teas at the European groceries and especially if your just starting to explore what your like I have found that it’s worth checking out. Most of the teas that I have bought there have expiry dates, and or packaging dates and I have only found expire tea once. It’s true that you don’t know the history of the tea before packaging but I have found most of it to be decently fresh and the Assam that I got there was nicer than other known grocery store brands such as Ahmad. One of the ones I have bought tea from brings in Ceylons from a local company that owns and packages tea from its own estates in Sri Lanka and they sell out there OP harvest every year. So my point is its worth a look, if you don’t want to or don’t have the money to invest in a tea and you want to explore if you like a type of tea, the one near me has several types and styles of black tea, a whole bunch of flavoured greens ( mostly a gunpowder base), a really nice white tea which is among the nicer flavoured white’s I’ve had and flavoured Pu-erh. Teas range in price from $1.99 to $4.99 per 100g. In fact the only experience I’ve had with stale tea lately was bought from David’s, they were only small amounts so I didn’t make an issue of it.

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