New Tea Youtube Channel

Hello fellow tea lovers!

We have recently started a youtube channel where we aim to educate tea lovers, both new and old, on everything tea related:

Feel free to check us out. Any suggestions and comments are welcome!
Also if you have any topics you would like for us to cover both through our youtube channel or blog ( please let us know. We are all for learning through the process.

Path of Cha

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AllanK said

Watched one of your videos about crushing leaves, interesting I may have to try it. Just please don’t start posting videos about 1600 year old tree tea for the price of plantation leaves.

Thank you for your feedback!
Haha no worries, we won’t :)

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Error said

The way u r trying to diminishing the bitterness of tea is how My Russian grannie was cooling down the hot tea for me when I was a child. I’m kinda suspecting that less bitter sensation after is just related to fact that tea temp. is lower , not because the tea got a bit “air”.

Yes, it’s actually the combination of both factors :)

Error said

well, then u r drinking the “cold” tea , what is the point of doing this then? I don’t get it , sorry :-(

It’s the combination of BOTH factors :)

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Mr Tea said

Looking Awesome, Misha
Very useful as it helps to reinforce knowledge that I learnt in the past about tea.

Thank you!! :)

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