Adagio's 100 years of blossoms

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Azzrian said

Hope everyone was able to get a good discount and make an order.
I would have liked to make a bigger order but ended up with a case of the anteadote mixed teas, a white tea sampler, and Fijian rain sampler which I have been wanting for a while.
I believe I got 24% off.
What did everyone else get if you placed an order and what was your discount?
Also cheers to Adagio Teas for a fun and challenging campaign!

ChaMei select said

Oh boy, I got loads of samplers including blacks, greens, whites and chai. If I don’t find one I like, it’s not lack of trying. Gave up searching blossoms long ago and relied on Steepsters much more adept than I was, so I stopped at 94 which applied for 23% off. Also discovered I prefer the polycarbonate body of Teavana’s PerfecTeamaker to the ingenuiTea. Still works great though and can’t beat a good discount. However, Teavana’s infuser has removable steel mesh strainer, the PCB feels more impact resistant, and the lid can be raised and lowered easily with the one thumb.

Azzrian said

Nice order! Oh I forgot I grabbed some of their tea cookies too haha.
I will have to look at the PerfecTeamaker I don’t think I have seen that one.

Jillian said

I got a 24% discount – the highest number of cherry blossoms found was 95 so I don’t think anyone got the full 25%. I used mine to order some samples and a custom blend. Ultimately I didn’t save a whole lot of money but it was a fun and challenging hunt.

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I sadly did not get to order anything. I don’t get paid until this friday. I am super bummed, because I was going to use it to get the TriniTEA brewer for my desk at work. $23 off would have really helped (and let me get some more tea to brew in it :P ) Oh well, it was still fun.

Azzrian said

That is SO sad :( I have been there many times – actually I was only able to get a very small order waiting on payday myself and was lucky to get that. It sucks though it would have helped a ton on that item! Feel for ya!

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