startea said

Checking back in- thank you steepster!

A couple months ago, I posted that I was new to tea. You guys were all so great! Since then, I’ve widely expanded my tea collection and I’ve discovered all new tastes and methods. The best part- I’ve cut out coffee and I feel fantastic. All of the tips were so helpful!

So after trying about various teas and blends, I think my favorite type of tea is a chai. Right now I’ve been drinking the Marharaja Chai Oolong. It has a fantastic, strong spicy flavor. I am hooked!

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Azzrian said

Congrats on the no coffee intake! I am new here myself and already down to one morning cup a day. Already noticing how I get the jitters from it that I never noticed before!

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Yay , doesn’t it feel great to be coffee free! Tea has so many varieties and you can have it so many different ways and tea is much more healthy .

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Glad to hear it. Thanks for checking back in!

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