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Starting today 3/23/2012, when you purchase any size Ginger Citron Mint tea, you will get a free ounce of Jasmine Green tea along with free tea samples!

Ginger Citron Mint is a refreshing blend of organic green tea leaves, peppermint, hints of ginger, and lemon. This smooth and tropical cup is perfect after dinner and will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Jasmine Green tea leaves have a soft aromatic finish that is infused with delicate jasmine petals. This is a sweet cup that is slightly toasted. Jasmine tea is processed highly with care to create its tranquil taste. Jasmine Green tea is great to drink after a meal or in the evening.

Enjoy this promotion until 3/25/2012 at 11pm est.

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Azzrian said

Sweet deal! Unfortunately I can’t handle lemongrass.

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