The new 2012 Spring Green Teas are here!

Update: 6/15/12: Included in a new post to this thread.

For those of you who love that fresh taste that only a newly harvested green tea can provide, the time to buy and drink fresh spring tea is, well, NOW!

I am hoping this will be a ‘place’ others will post any links to new spring green teas as they come to market.

I am keeping these in the order based on when the tea retailer first listed a spring green tea (at least, to the best of my knowledge). I bold the newest additions.

The following are teas as of 5/19/12:

Life in Teacup:
- 1500m (4500 ft.) Frosty Spring Yunnan Roast Green
- Pre-Qingming An Ji Bai Cha First Day Harvest
- Pre-Qingming Dong Ting East Mountain Bi Luo Chun
- Shi Feng Long Jing from Long Jing Village
- Pre-Qingming Da Fo (Great Buddha) Long Jing first day harvest
- Huang Shan Mao Feng (Yellow Mountain Peak) semi-wild 750m (2250ft.) First Day Harvest Limited Edition
- Huang Shan Mao Feng (Yellow Mountain Peak) 1400m (4200 ft.) First Day Harvest
- Wild tea Orchid Fairy Twig 900m (2700 ft.)
- Meng Ding Yellow Bud (Huang Ya) Traditional Style (Yellow tea)
- White Plum Flower Peak First Harvest
- Meng Shan Cloud Mist Limited Edition
- Lu Shan Yun Wu (Lu Shan Cloud Mist) 800m (2400 ft.) Early Spring Second Harvest
- Lu Shan Yun Wu (Lu Shan Cloud Mist) 300m-900m (1350-2700 ft.) First Harvest Sample Set
- Tong Cheng Small Orchid, semi-wild, 800m (2400 ft.) First Day Harvest
- Yong Xi Huo Qing 1150m (3450 ft.) First Day Harvest
- “Mother’s Tea” Limited Edition
- Huang Shan Yun Wu (Yellow Mountain Cloud)
- 1630m (4900 ft.) Jiang Xi Tribute Tea

Jing Tea Shop:

Yunnan Sourcing – US:

Tea Spring: (yellow tea) (yellow tea)

Tea Trekker:

Stone Leaf Tea:

Upton Tea Imports:
ZG97: 2012 Pre-Chingming Lung Ching (Long Jing)
TN56: Korakundah Estate Hyson Green Tea Organic
TN95: Avataa Estate Twirl Green Tea
ZG99: Pre-Chingming Pi Lo Chun
ZG45: Pre-Chingming Snow Dragon
ZG93: Pre-Chingming Dragon Beard
ZG76: Pre-Chingming Snow Phoenix


Camellia Sinensis: (Yellow Tea) (Yellow Tea) (Yellow Tea)

Verdant Tea:

Den’s Tea:

Norbu Tea:

Darjeeling Tea Boutique:

Tea Cuppa:

Seven Cups:

If you come across any others, please feel free to post them to this thread.


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I hope to report here about every week or two (if any new green teas come to market, that is) with any updates (and then add them to the topic).

Here is one from Tea Trekker that just arrived:

Tea Spring has 5 new ones: (a yellow tea)

And one from Stone Leaf Tea:

And one from Yunnan Sourcing US:

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Azzrian said

Wow thank you! I see YELLOW!

You’re welcome. Yes, my understanding is that yellow tea is processed very similarly to green tea, and that is why I plan to include the new yellow teas here, too. If there is not a separate category for yellow tea on a tea retailer’s website, then, if they carry it, it would likely be categorized under green tea.

Azzrian said

Cool thanks for the heads up. I love yellow tea – well let me say I have loved the ONE yellow tea I have had the pleasure to try! :)

Here’s a yellow tea on sale at Harney and Sons. I bought a pound of it for about $40 (that makes it nearly $2.50/OZ), and both my wife and I enjoy it on a regular basis. I emailed them directly to inquire about the harvest date and was told it was spring of 2011. So, as a yellow tea, it should be good for another six months or so. They also have a 1.5 OZ tin for $4.25. Happy yellow tea hunting!

And here’s my review of it:

Azzrian said

Well thank you!!! :) Checking it all out now.

Great! You can always send me a PM if you want any more specifics about my experience with that tea.

Azzrian said

Thanks! I will probably grab the 1.5 oz tin but that would make my shipping as much as the tea so would need to add something else lol. My ONLY experience with this company has been a bagged tea which I have to use two of to get enough flavor so Im not sure what else to get really. Need to do some more investigating or just order more yellow :)

Their Snow Dragon is on sale as well and it is a very nice, very light green tea that tastes more like a white tea. Their Sencha is a very nice and creamy if you like that. If you like coconut then give Bangkok a try. I love Harney and Sons, most of their tea I find wonderful for the price.

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Azzrian said

Well I just happen to love all three of those! Thank you again you have been a ton of help!

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Azzrian said

Ah dang bankok sounds awesome except for the lemongrass :(

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Hi SimpliciTEA,
I am extremely excited to announce the arrival of our fresh spring Tieguanyin. I know it isn’t exactly green, but the “essence of spring” captured in this picking is in the spirit of the green teas you have posted.

I didn’t think that our friends in Anxi would out-do last spring’s picking, but the most certainly have. You can see pictures and flavor notes on the page I just posted:

Laoshan picks a bit later. They just finished their first picking, and the samples are exquisite. I like the harvests picked a few weeks later a bit better though as they have more of the sweet thick green bean flavors that I look for from Laoshan Village. Those spring greens will ship out in the next few weeks.

Hi David,
I agree with you when you write that announcing the arrival of a fresh spring Tieguanyin is in the spirit of spring. I just read the above-linked description of it; your write-ups about each tea are always amazing. I hope I can someday find as many wonderful tastes and aromas in a tea as you and many other seem to be able to do (I am hoping it is a kind of learned skill, rather than the possibility that I may be one of those non-tasters I read about recently).

It is good to hear the samples of the Laoshan greens are exquisite. I recently looked up where Laoshan Village is situated in China; I didn’t realize how far north it really is. I am looking forward to seeing some Loashan sample sets (once it all comes in) to be able to partake of their goodness!

Thank you for posting these updates here. Feel free to let us know here about all of your spring harvested teas!

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Azzrian said

Thank you for all of these links SimpliciTEA

you’re welcome!

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We have a lovely first flush White Darjeeling. We had this before any other store in the US and it a delight to taste:

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chadao said

This is so exciting. 2012 teas already here! If only I could afford them.

DukeGus said

I know what you mean :)
Very good post as always SimpliciTEA

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