Azzrian said

If you could only have ONE tea for the rest of your life ....

What would you pick if you could only have one tea for the rest of your life. Luckily we won’t ever have to make this decision but I am curious.
I think … and bear in mind I am new at this and have so many more yet to try, but I am pretty sure it would be Genmatcha.
It satisfies my need for creamy, buttery, earthy, green, vegetal, nutty, and pretty much every craving I have less fruity which I do have from time to time but unless I can find a tea that has that as well I have to say Genmatcha … for now.
Close second would be a silver needle probably Rare Tea Republic as it is the best I have had (maybe only) thus far and was devine!
For the Genmatcha so far it would be Den’s tea.
What would be your choice?

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Angrboda said

Tan Yang Te Ji from TeaSpring.

And anybody who has known me for just a little bit on here will probably find this the world’s most predictable answer. :p

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forsythia said

Lady Grey.

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ssajami said

It would most probably have to be a black tea, for as much as I love my flavored teas, I don’t see myself having them, and only them, for the rest of my life. Black teas, however, I do. I like them so much more than greens, whites or other types of tea.

Which black then? I am torn between Tan Yang Te Ji from Teaspring (which I recently bought out of curiosity because of Angrboda’s constant praise of it, and which, I admit, I am quickly getting addicted to) and Verdant’s Laoshan Black (which is so wonderful, unique and complex, I am surprised each time anew).

Sigh. This question is like putting a child in a candy store. How on earth can I chose only one?

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kOmpir said

Jin Jun Mei with 1/2 of golden tips.

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Ninavampi said

Hmmm… I have a sweet tooth… I would have to say 52teas Pancake Breakfast. : )

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Uniquity said

I would go with peppermint tea, cuz I love it and it does good stuff for me, but if we’re talking camellia sinensis it would be a black tea. I don’t know which one, but a pure lovely caramelly or cocoaey black. Maybe Bailin gong fu from Teavivre.

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MegWesley said

I would probably have to go with some sort of Yunnan black tea because I could drink it day or night. And it is just so good! Or my memory of one is since I am out of yunnan black samples.

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Missy said

Vanilla Rooibos would be my choice.

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This is a very difficult question to answer. My favorite tea in the whole world is a good yellow tea (the best thus far that I’ve tried has been the one from Chi of Tea), however, I don’t think that I would choose a yellow tea because I think need would outweigh want in a situation of only having one tea.

And I really need a good, strong black tea. In this hypothetical situation, since it will never happen, I think I would choose a tea that no longer exists, which is my Chocolate Rose Romance… or perhaps my Sweet Caramel ’O Mine. sigh

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My answer: NO.

Ha, okay, more seriously, it would have to be a straight black. I’d get sick of a flavoured tea after a while, and I prefer blacks to other types. Which one? Don’t know yet. Maybe a Ceylon.

Yeah, that’s a boring choice, considering my selection. But dependable.

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