Tea Flavor Ideas

I am sure that there may be a thread that is similar to this somewhere in the archives, but, I wanted to create a new thread. :)

I originally intended to address this to Frank of 52Teas as he is probably the best known (at least around here!) for his unusual tea blends. But, I decided not to limit it to just Frank, so if any tea company would like to pick up on any of these ideas … feel free!

Occasionally, I’ll come up with an idea for a flavor combination that I’d like to see in a tea, and sometimes, I’ll even go so far as to email Frank with these ideas… so far, the only one that has been made is the Tomato, Basil and Black Pepper tea. Well, I also suggested the maple cheesecake Oolong that was the VIP tea not too long ago.

ANYWAY… the family and I went out to breakfast at Denny’s this morning and their current promotion is the “build your own pancake” … and I had my pancake filled with bacon and glazed pecans and topped with caramel. Yeah, I know, sounds really healthy right? But as I ate this heavenly stack of pancakes… my mind wandered to tea… and how great it would be to capture these flavors in a tea.

So I thought I’d start a thread where people can suggest tea flavors, and Frank (or any other tea company that might be reading) can take these suggestions… and hopefully, create that tea.

So, first suggestion:

Maple Bacon and Pecan Pancakes with Caramel Drizzle Black Tea

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Oh… also:

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies Black Tea
Pancake Chai (with maple and butter flavoring. Lapsang Souchong in the blend)

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momo said

I always think of cocktails as tea/desserts/everything. I thought an Aviation would make an interesting flavoring for an oolong…violet, lemon, and a touch of cherry (and the gin if we want to go fully into this).

Speculoos cookie black tea. Probably a bit like chai but with more of a sweet, cookie taste.

Passionfruit chocolate black tea

I had an amazing pastry in Paris, it was a macaron shell topped with green tea and white chocolate mousses, topped with berries. I never stop thinking about it and I bet it would be amazing as a green tea….like white chocolate/red currant and raspberry.

And I think a hefeweizen flavored tea would be kind of amazing, maybe as a white tea.

Dinosara said

OMG Speculoos cookie tea!!! That would be amazing.

Passionfruit Chocolate black is something that I can make myself with my current tea stash, so I will definitely be trying that when I get home.

momo said

I am so obsessed with the spread made to taste like the cookies now. I made a pumpkin-speculoos cheesecake for Thanksgiving and I don’t know why I didn’t even think about that as a tea! I await hearing how the passionfruit chocolate goes, I may copy you haha.

Dinosara said

Haha, me too I love speculoos so much. Pumpkin speculoos anything sounds out of this world plots :D

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momo said

oh and now that I am thinking about the foods I miss in Paris, I had a crepe with whipped cream, maple syrup, and walnuts and I think that would be awesome as a black tea too.

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Ian said

Nutella with Strawberry ad Banana Black Tea and Dr. Pepper Black Tea are two that I would LOVE to be able to try

The nutella suggestion reminds me of a sandwich that I’ve tried from the Grilled Cheese Grill that is nutella, marscapone cheese and grilled banana on cinnamon bread… that would make an awesome tea too.

So what I’d like is this:

Chocolate, hazelnut, banana and cinnamon cheesecake. :)

Ian said

Mmmmmm, that sounds HEAVENLY! I feel like anything-cheesecake automatically makes a tea sound awesome to me

Kittenna said

Chocolate, hazelnut, banana, cinnamon cheesecake sounds good! I want more teas to have hazelnut flavours in them.

ladyluck3 said

ohh…a big SECOND for the Dr. Pepper Black tea! Blending a tea to capture the “23 flavors” seems like it would be a big challenge though!

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On the DAVIDsTEA Facebook page, I suggested a “soda” collection several weeks ago. Like Cream Soda, Root Beer (which should be the easiest one), an orange pop, etc. They actually said it was in the works, but it has yet to appear, so I’m starting to wonder if it’s really coming at all… Anyway, any tea company that came up with “cream soda” and “orange pop” flavours would be such winners in my book, especially if the flavours were REALLY close.

Peanut Butter Cookie
Pumpkin Cheesecake
…I was going to say “Pina Colada,” but I just realized looking at 52teas.com that Frank’s actually done that one, and it’s permanent! takes note
Peach Bellini
Coconut Mango
Lemon & Vanilla Cake
Vanilla and Caramel (SOMEONE has probably done this already, but I haven’t stumbled across one yet)
Chocolate Cinnamon

That’s all I got for the moment.

Raspberry, orange, rum and coconut together.

White Cheddar Popcorn
BLT Sandwich. (Or, okay, maybe just the B and T and make it a green tea…?)

Itsyknits said

ohh I would buy all the soda collection!

Kittenna said

I would suspect that if there was a soda collection, it would most likely be released in summer. Didn’t you ask right around the time that the spring collection came out?? I don’t think they release new collections all that often. The reply you got seemed more to me like it was in the future in a few months as opposed to days :P

Hmm, think I asked last month. I’m joking a bit about it not coming though, I was thinking it might even be a fall collection. (Don’t ask me why I thought fall. Summer makes more sense, I guess.) I’m just super impatient for pop tea! :P

Expanding on the “gingerbread” – one of my favourite fall lotions (sadly discontinued) is called Ginger Vanilla, and has these scent notes:

Rich, creamy caramel, fresh nutmeg and delicious gingerbread are blended with candied apple, lemon zest and warm vanilla.

I think that would be a good tea!

Lemon & Orange Blossom (I understand orange blossoms are edible)
Peach Citrus

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breakfast cereals! trix and lucky charms spring to mind.

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White chocolate and almond matcha to match my wedding cake. Preferably a buttery matcha. wedding cake tea!

Coconut matcha would be pretty awesome as well. :)

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Taking notes. =)

Interesting that many of these strike me as hot teas. I was just thinking we probably needed to start changing gears into more iced tea flavors (like the sodas). I’ve actually been experimenting with a few things lately which I think are going to make some interesting soda teas. Orange soda seems like it would be easy, but the soda part is crucial. It can’t just be orange tea. I think I’m pretty close to finding the right balance of flavors… Keep watching. =)

Because iced tea is simply wrong. LOL.

Okay, actually, I can see drinking “soda” teas cold, so I’ll bend on that one.

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Dinosara said

Being in China I’m naturally thinking of asian flavorings lately, and I love some of the sweets they have here. I’m thinking of that purple “taro” paste/flavoring that is almost almondy, and maybe sweet red bean paste.

Also I’d love to see a really good mangosteen tea… there aren’t many out there that even try to use that flavoring (though apparently Dammann Freres has one, so I have to try that!)

Mmm yes! Taro! It is a very subtle flavor though. Not sure how it would work out.
Ginger milk pudding might be a Chinese flavor worth replicating in tea form. Maybe with a light creamy oolong. With milk oolong!

Or egg tart tea! I love egg tarts. It’s more of a hong kong/macao food though.

Speaking of custards…flan tea! Probably on a black base.

Baklava tea! Nutty honey buttery toasty goodness. With cardamom!

Ok. I’m done for now. :)

Kittenna said

Yes! Baklava tea!

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Bonnie said

I had been thinking about new tea flavors recently. Thought about some of the Greek pastries that I make…like Baklava. Honey and walnuts and butter and that filo dough and cinnamon. Or, Melemakaronia which is a honey spice orange cookie dipped in clove syrup with walnuts. My spice cabinet is as full as my tea cabinet so I often try to imagine what I would do with some of the exotic items on hand. Would it be interesting to have a Pu-erh with a little heat…let’s say, some Chocolate and a bit of Urfa Crushed Red Pepper Flakes? (Urfa is also known as Isot and moderately hot, rich and earthy, smoky and yummy). I’d like to have a tea that was Thai in spice with some coconut to it.
Are there any Malaysian Sweet Coconut Curry Tea’s out there?

Kittenna said

It would be so cool to have a coconut curry tea! (And baklava, as I commented above!)

Not Malaysian but I think David’s Tea’s Exotica rates like Thai curry. Maybe it could be tweaked. What makes a curry Malaysian?

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