Tea Flavor Ideas

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Bonnie said

Well, without going too far, some countries use more coconut or cinnamon, some use cardamom. Curry can be hot or cool on the tongue. There are different types or grades of cinnamon also and citrus flavors like kaffir lime leaves or lemongrass. I make my own curry and have curry leaves. Malaysia is a combo of influences brought by traders.

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Hrmmm… some of this is making my mouth water. The peanut butter cookie one sounds great, or just something with a like a roasted peanutty flavor. Maybe it would need a Lapsang base?

The baklava idea sounds top notch too. Actually, I’m going to go tool around on OvationTeas and see how close to that I can get…

Frank has done a few peanut butter blends.

Yeah, he does some interesting stuff… once I get a little more settled into my tea habits, I’ll probably start looking at his more. It’s probably forbidden fruit syndrome, but I’m more interested in the ones that are no longer available!

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