Fresh Spring 2012 Green Tea!

Hi Steepsters!

I wanted everyone to know that we just received our first shipment of spring 2012 green tea – Bi Luo Chun from San Hsia, Taiwan!

Amazingly fresh, vibrant, and delicate with notes of bamboo shoots, nutty aromas, and a pleasant, lingering vegetal flavor. Because of the slightly warmer weather in Taiwan, Taiwanese spring teas are ready a bit earlier than Chinese spring teas, so if you are itching for some fresh spring green tea, wait no longer!

You can read more about this tea and watch video of its processing on my blog here:


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Awesome! I haven’t seen many green teas coming out of Taiwan.

I enjoyed reading (and watching) more about the history behind Bi Luo Chun.

I loved the close-up shots in the video.


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Azzrian said

I had the best time watching this video and I absolutely want to order some! Thank you!

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Thanks, glad you appreciated it!

Taiwan doesn’t produce a lot of green tea, but this one is a winner.

Azzrian, if you are interested in ordering some, just follow this link:

Azzrian said

Oh yes I have it bookmarked :) Waiting on money :)

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