Hello Australians - who is interested in tea tastings/swaps????

Hello all,

I’m hoping there are some other Australians floating around on Steepster who would be interested in some tea swapping (or, if you’re a fellow Hobartian/Tasmanian, an afternoon of tasting?) ?? I’ve got lots of lovely teas that I’d love to share, just no one to share them with!

Either post here or message me if you’re interested!

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this sounds interesting but I am over in Sydney. What kinds of teas do you usually have? With milk or without? Cheers.

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I’m having lots of rooibos, greens and whites at the moment (not a milk fan generally though!) My reviews should give you a bit of an idea what I like.

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Yea, i was browsing thru. Though not officially termed as tea, rooibos can be an interesting to drink. Pretty new to that honestly. White teas are my wife’s favourites, especially the pure silver needles from Fujian. Drink different types of green & white teas, comprising the chinese teas usually. & the occasional matcha latte… yum

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kmk said

Me. If we could manage an Australian box etc we wouldn’t have to worry about postage costs or quarantine trouble. I don’t know how many Australians are on here but I’m bumping this anyway.

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