What kind of chinese green teas do you usually enjoy?

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Great question!

Fresh green teas are my favorites, not matter what kind they are.

As far as which green tea I usually drink, I have a very limited budget, so the ratio of quality to price is what is most important, and that means the least expensive green teas (other than Gunpowder and any Jasmine scented ones) that I can find from a vendor that actually lists the harvest dates. I like the fresh ones because they are purported to be high in theanine, and they have the most tantalizing flavor. I like the less expensive ones because they are sustainable (I can drink them often).

The best green tea I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying was an Anji Baicha, but unfortunately it’s so far out of my price range that, so far, I have only had it once.

chadao said

Have you tried any 2012 spring teas yet?

Yes. I’ve twice had Life in Teacup’s http://steepster.com/teas/life-in-teacup/26505-1500m-4500-ft-frosty-spring-yunnan-roast-green-first-day-harvest-2012 , and both times I got at least four good steepings out of it. It’s very reasonably priced.

Last year, I had Jing Tea Shop’s http://steepster.com/teas/jing-tea-shop/20915-bai-sha-lu during the June of that year, and for the price it’s an incredible value (I have yet to order it this year, put I hope to later this summer); the tea from that harvest is still drinking reasonably well.

Last year I also had one of Tea Trekker’s fresh spring greens http://steepster.com/teas/tea-trekker/19397-zhenyuang-yi-spring-green-pre-qing-ming and really liked it (I still need to post the review for this one : – } ). From what I remember, Life in Teacup’s 2012 frosty Spring Yunnan is a little better tasting, yields more steepings, and is slightly better priced per ounce (at the 5 OZ price, at least).

last year I also had a few of Seven Cups green teas, but both were from older harvests, and so were at sale prices (my budget does not allow me to purchase any of their fresh green teas over $5/OZ, which allows only a few—which I have yet to try). Still, every tea I have had from them has been of the highest quality.

I am considering trying one of Yunnan Sourcing’s (the US store) green teas this year.

I am glad to hear others are interested in sampling of from the wonderful bounty that is fresh green tea.

Good luck!

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chadao said

I second SimpliciTEA! Fresh is best! I can’t wait for the crop of 2012 teas to come down to my price range, meaning, I can’t wait until Zhuping in Tucson comes back from China with her stock of spring tea.
I have tried the Anji Bai Cha, and it is definitely one of my favorites, especially when I drink it within 3 or less months of its picking.

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Ptkelo said

As far as tea legends go I enjoy the story of dragonwell, but I would take a cup of Yun Cui over most kinds of tea any day.

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There are numerous greens out there. I am loving my current green needles and dragonwell. :) So many choices to choose from till i am spoilt. Going to make some jasmine chun hao now…love the fragrance

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