What have you ordered from Steepster Select?

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Janefan said

Squee DoMatcha winners have been announced:

Can’t wait to see how it compares to Teavana’s. Actually, I expect there to be no comparison!

Cofftea said

I’ve been told that DoMatcha is Creme de la Creme- I have yet to be able to refine my matcha taste buds to be abe to lable one as better than another, but we shall see!

Rabs said

Congrats to all the winners! I look forward to reading the reviews :D

congrats to those who won! @cofftea… DoMatcha is definitely superior to those that I’ve tried. That is not to say that the others were not quite good, but this one is just better

Congrats, Janefan, on being named one of the winners! In my opinion, it’s the best matcha I have had that you can get for that price. You can get better, sure, but they’re going to cost you WAY more money. It’s great stuff.

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Cofftea said

While I didn’t cave on the exact item, I caved on the free shipping from ManTeas and bought 1 lb of Mayan Chocolate Chai… so I’d say that’s one MASSIVE cave!=D

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Ewa select said

I think so far I’ve just gotten the GM sampler, although I DID use a coupon code for Art of Tea for something else, I think. Anyway, if it’s a sampler, I will usually cave, because I LOVE samplers. They appeal to my short attention sp- what were we talking about again?

Cofftea said

Haha Ewa! I’m the same way when someone mentions Mayan Chocolate Chai or matcha… or when I can work it into the convo.=D

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Let’s see… I’ve purchased the A&D Damn Fine Tea Series 3 from a few weeks ago, more recently, I purchased the Adagio’s jasmine blooms.

I also did purchase the tea taster set from Art of Tea… although I’ve yet to use it, and since it came so nicely packaged, I will most likely give it as a gift to another tea enthusiast as a swap surprise sometime, because I really don’t think I need a gadget such as this. Although… I might also alter it. Haven’t decided yet.

Also, I ordered (but haven’t yet received) the Tokujo Shin-cha from Maeda-en…

I was very tempted to purchase the DoMatcha, but, I didn’t because I can get it locally from Whole Foods, and save myself 10 bucks in shipping charges… and the prices are very comparable to the website… sometimes even more reasonable at Whole Foods than the website.

I really should not purchase any more tea this month… and since I am going to get a Breville tea maker or other similar device this month… I would think it would be especially nice if you didn’t attempt to lure me in with a tempting offer. :)

Cofftea said

I disagree, you should get a new, very special tea (or creat one yourself of course!) to Christen your new maker:)

LOL don’t even get me started. I actually have ordered my “own” tea from Madam Potts based on a personality profile that I submitted… It takes a few weeks to get it back after the order is placed, and I just happened to place the order about a week or so before she took a trip to Paris (lucky!!!) so I will be waiting a bit longer… so perhaps I will use that tea to christen my tea maker. :) Or… perhaps with jasmine pearls.

madam potts? color me intrigued-you fill out a personality survey and get tea (for a price)?

Yes yes… here is the link:


She also occasionally posts to steepster. Right now, she’s on vacation (as I indicated in the above post). It takes about 3 weeks (normally, when she’s not on vacation) for her to create a customized blend for you, according to the personality profile you submit. I am very intrigued to taste what someone else might pick up from such a profile about me. :)

SoccerMom said

I too am intrigued. I’m going to check it out now!

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Caitlin said

I ordered a republic of tea sampler kit, an art of tea sampler kit and a republic of tea chai tea latte kit – oh and Heath bar tea from 52 teas.

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I ordered the gummy bears a couple months ago. Those were really good <3

Caitlin said

I was really tempted to try those – are they as yummy as they sound?

Caitlin, yes. They are as yummy as they sound!

Caitlin said

Darn – haha

They so are! Not so much the acai flavor, but then I ‘m not really fond of acai in anything I’ve tried with it yet.

Caitlin said

maybe I will have to order some – I have always tried to like acai because it is supposed to be good for you but I have never found it to be particularly good

I’m the same way. I feel like I should like acai – I always love those new fancy berry flavours, but I can’t stand the stuff in anything I’ve tried it in. Glad to hear I’m not the only one.

For me, it’s sort of hit or miss, usually miss. It’s usually way too tart for my liking, and not in that delightful “berry-ish tart” way. I’ve tried a few acai berry flavored teas that I’ve liked, but, it seems like I have tried more that I dislike than that I’ve actually found palatable.

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LP said

I haven’t bought anything with steepster select but I did laugh when the DAY AFTER I ordered one of Adagio’s mother’s day packages for my mother, I saw it was the “steepster select” for the day, so I guess great minds think alike?? :)

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Jillian said

Like a lot of people I couldn’t pass by that wonderful offer from Leaf Spa. The two teas just arrived a few days ago and hopefully I’ll be in the mood to try them out soon. :)

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I got the Leaf Spa. Hmm. Let’s see what else. I got a couple of Maeda-en selects, one of which still hasn’t come in stock and so hasn’t shipped. I got one of the Tavalons (the tea of the month club). I got the Art of Tea pear special. I think I used the coupon for a couple of other ones but got something other than the select. Teafrog samples and such. And I’m looking forward to the Domatcha (will have to buy whisk, etc. because I cleverly (not) ordered some matcha with the Maeda-en order that hasn’t arrived, and with it the tools, which also haven’t arrived.

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wombatgirl said

I’ve gotten the two Samovar ones (sample pack and the four seasons w/ oolong teapot set)

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