Tea and adventure...

I have to share this here – only because I find it fascinating and think tea lovers here on Steepster might find it interesting too.

One of the features over at Leafbox Tea is the sharing of tea stories. One of our members recently posted a little story about his grandfather back in the tea heyday of Ceylon. It’s just little, but, well…very cool. I contacted him and asked him about it to kind of validate it and it turns out that our member is an older English gentleman with all kinds of wild stories…

To me, it is exciting and interesting and I’m driven to share simply because I like it so much. The time he is talking about in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) was a time of historical growth of tea by British companies and entreprenuers. The wild nature of a tea venture at that time must have been thrilling.

You can read his post at http://leafboxtea.com/tea-stories/tea-planters-beware!/

I’ll certainly be picking his brains for details. Come by and have a read, and feel free to pepper him with questions.

Leafbox Tea

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