Favorite Label/Packaging Design?

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Birdman said

Thanks to everybody who posted their thoughts! And thanks for all of the links, pics and suggestions! Always interesting to hear about the sensory experiences of tea outside of just taste and smell.

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I really, really wish I was better at this. Every new project I have gives me a tummy-ache from thinking about the packaging. I’ve been thinking about a new sampler pack of some of our best-selling permanent blends, and I have these awesomely cute little kraft/foil pouches (and I NOW have a neat new continuous band sealer that will help me ensure there won’t be any more pouches that are not fully sealed), but I can’t find a box that will hold them neatly without trimming them (which we did for the Christmas samplers) and then I have to find a box I can ship them in, and I have to find a way to (hopefully) keep it under 13-ounces so I can ship it First Class Mail. We’re not big enough to do custom designed packaging yet.

Anyway. I didn’t mean to hijack the thread with moaning, but just wanted to say it’s a good thing you guys do appreciate the extra effort these vendors go to. It really IS an effort, believe me.

…maybe we could bind our sample pouches into something of a book—like you used to be able to get those “books” that had rolls of Lifesavers in them?… Ah, I’ll figure it out someday. LOL.

Missy said

Tea books is awesome! I think your labels are excellent. I like that they are different pictures. They are always easy to read.

Also offering words of encouragement on your packaging, it always looks quite nice.

And I loved those lifesavers boxes as a kid. It was the only time of year you could get the buttered rum lifesavers, which were so good!

Janefan said

I enjoy your unique lab!els too, Frank!

Dylan Oxford – I loved those Butter Rum lifesavers too! Hmm, maybe Frank will do a Hot buttered rum blend this holiday season???? (hint, hint, HINT!)

Birdman said

No worries at all! A retailer’s opinion is exactly what this conversation was missing. I am definitely impressed by the scope of your small business – constantly coming up with all those new flavors – and the names/labels are hilarious!

Azzrian said

Or maybe a tea wallet? http://www.shophandmade.com/Item/H78RTFU?Affiliate=FeedGoogle&LinkCoupon=FeedGoogle
The samples would be small – one serving each probably to fit in something like this but I would think shipping would be really good for these! So a person gets a tea wallet and your samples!

NICE! I love that idea. Might have to look into getting something similar made that would fit my sample pouches. Thanks!

Azzrian said

Most welcome!

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